This web site is dedicated to my late sister Sharise Gatchell.

Sharise committed suicide on the 25th May 2003…age 18… Sharise had been prescribed the anti-depressant Seroxat, also known as Paxil in the U.S.

I really thought she would become a famous artist.. Sharise had so much talent and energy, Seroxat took that all that away… after only 17 days on Seroxat, she hanged herself from the loft hatch in my parents home…

My mom and dad found her on their return from a weekend trip in Scotland… Sharise knew very well that my parents would not let her go back on Seroxat and so she took it secretly. The first time she was prescribed the drug at the age of 16, she started self harming, cutting her arms, something that had never ever happened before. She was never the same again.

2 years later Sharise felt really down and in desperation went to see a GP. Unwittingly a new doctor prescribed my sister Seroxat again. The previous doctor never bothered to add to the medical records that Seroxat had caused Sharise to self harm, even after my mother made a great deal of effort to make her aware of the issue.

The drugs manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline has finally admitted that Seroxat can cause some people to have suicidal thoughts and tendencies when on the drug.. Thanks for letting us know 2 weeks after her death. Congratulations for raking in billions of pounds while you poison our society with your wicked “treatments” that are now turning out to be less beneficial than a placebo. I wish immense stress and bankruptcy on all of you.

My family and I will spend the rest of our days making people aware of the enormity of your greed, and your selfish disregard for human life… we shall NEVER stop…

Footprints In the Snow:

We fall to the earth like leaves
Lives as brief as footprints in snow
No words express the grief we feel
I feel I cannot let her go.
For she is everywhere.
Walking on the windswept beach
Talking in the sunlit square.
Next to me in the car
I see her sitting there.
At night she dreams me
and in the morning the sun does not rise.
My life is as thin as the wind
And I am done with counting stars.
She is gone, she is gone.
I am her sad music, and I play on, and on, and on.
(Roger McGough)


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