“We understand this is about our licence to operate.” 

GSK CEO – Andrew Witty’s comment about GSK’s 3 Billion fine for Fraud in 2012


As 2012 comes to a close, I thought it might be interesting to demonstrate to my readers the scale of the damage done by just one GSK drug in the past decade. That drug is Avandia- now severely restricted in the US- and more or less banned in Europe- because of it’s propensity to kill.

It has been estimated that  GSK’s Avandia drug has caused up to 100,000 heart attacks in people across the world.

Just to give a visual image of the scale of damage from this one GSK drug alone- the following is a picture of 100,000 people at an Obama rally in Washington.

If we imagine that those 100,000 people have families and friends who are also affected because of the suffering of their friend or family member from an Avandia induced heart attack – then we can easily bring that number of people negatively or adversely affected by Avandia up to 500,000.

If we combine that figure with all the people who have been damaged by GSK’s other drugs- like Seroxat (Paxil)- which causes suicide, homicide and birth defects- then we could easily estimate that GSK’s drugs and products have caused in excess of over 1 million people adversely affected, damaged, or killed because of defective GSK drugs over the past decade.

Bear in mind- this further estimate takes into account just two GSK drugs (Avandia and Seroxat)- drugs that we know have caused widespread devastation for consumers. If we are to add the damage from their vaccines, and off label prescribed drugs– not to mention the cases of drugs which were contaminated (or in the wrong bottles)- from GSK’s Cidra factory– then we could easily bring that estimate of damage into the multiples of millions of people- either directly or indirectly damaged from GSK products over the past decade alone.

Happy New Year Folks…



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