Seroxat Kills Again : Seroxat Suicide : Woman Slashes Throat on Seroxat

Shocking news today of a depressed wife (Bernadette McConchie) of a former Tesco Exec Millionaire who violently killed herself in what seems to be yet another example of a ‘Seroxat induced suicide’.

Seroxat is one of the most controversial anti-depressants of the past 20 years- it is notorious because- one of the many side effects of Seroxat (disturbingly) includes suicide (and agitation).

Seroxat suicides are also usually very violent in nature- and often related to an increase in dosage or when beginning (or coming off) the drug.

This tragic case seems to have all the typical hallmarks of a Seroxat induced suicide.

My thoughts are with Ms McConchie’s family- and may she rest in peace.

  • Mrs McConchie was prescribed a course of the anti-depressant Seroxat in April 2012.
  • Less than a month before she took her own life, Mrs McConchie had started taking a new anti-depressant
  • “She was lying on the kitchen floor covered in blood. She had cut her throat badly.
  • The hearing was told that Mrs McConchie became increasingly withdrawn and agitated in the days leading up to her death following the overdose.

    Back in 2003, a UK coroner said that he was extremely concerned about the effect of Seroxat and that it should be withdrawn from sale in another Seroxat-Suicide Case :

    Seroxat, the world’s biggest-selling antidepressant, should be withdrawn while its safety is fully investigated, advises a coroner who recorded an open verdict on a man who killed himself within a fortnight of starting a course of the drug.

    The Brecon coroner, Geraint Williams, said he would be writing to the Department of Health about his finding that Seroxat led to Colin Whitfield, 56, a retired headteacher, taking his own life.


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