Excellent 3-Part Swedish Documentary Series About SSRI’s Drugs

I have just watched the first part from an excellent Swedish documentary series about the dangers of SSRI drugs, and the implications of SSRI usage, both for the individual, and the society they inhabit.

Mainstream psychiatry take note: the SSRI game is up… GAME OVER


(Part 1 of 3 films in this series)

For more on these  3 brilliant documentaries see Bob Fiddaman’s and Leonie Fennell’s blogs through these links:



PRESS RELEASE A Documentary Trilogy

from ARTIMUS Film SVB AB 3 parts, each 60 min.

Stockholm, Sweden Title:  Who Cares in Sweden?

Premiere September 10, 2012 at: http://www.artimus.se


Millions of people throughout the world have a friend or a family member whom they no longer recognize.

This also happens in Sweden. However the Swedes do not dare to admit to themselves that their health

care system could be corrupted and that personality change could be caused by a prescription medicine,

like the SSRIs (Selective Serotonin re-uptake inhibitors).

You may have known a healthy person who became worried, started taking an SSRI, changed and was diagnosed

bipolar or … someone that was on SSRI and who committed suicide? Unfortunately you are not alone. Just about

every tenth Swede takes an SSRI every morning, of which the positive effect is that one “cares” less. One is less

concerned about family, increases in weight, an unpleasant boss, an untidy home, that one’s children could harm

themselves, gruesome memories of an accident or a loss of a friend. These drugs blunt conscience and those

people who commit suicide seem to be “caring” less about their immediate surroundings”

Children want their father and mother to be caring. However an entire generation has grown up with parents

and teachers on SSRIs. It is of course important to discuss mental ill health but mental problems are not always

a good reason for medication. In these days more and more young people are being persuaded to take SSRIs for

a growing amount of diagnoses. Both doctors and medical salesmen refer to the same “Bible”, DSM (Diagnostic

Statistical Manual) published by an association of American psychiatrists. Schools have become outright market

places for treatments for insomnia, pre-menstrual problems, depression, angst, obsessions, eating disorders,

gameaholics, etc. In the year of 2011, 41600 young Swedes between the ages of 10-24 were started on SSRIs,

a chemical that reduces ones sexuality and which is intended to affect brain cells that are effecting our whole body,

our thoughts and our personality.

Is not the capacity for empathy and clean conscience worth defending in a civilized society?

The soldier, who in war has killed a child, feels horrible and has nightmares. This soldier is prescribed exactly the

same SSRI-medicine that for example a judge who is grieving after the death of his mother. The soldier returns to

the war front and the judge continues at his profession, as do the insurance doctor, the police and the preschool

teacher. They take their medicine every morning under the impression that it corrects an imbalance in their brain.

SSRIs increases the risk for: aggressiveness…………. and is involved in many murder cases.

suicide…………………… but are prescribed to prevent suicide.

birth defects……………. but are prescribed for pregnant woman.


In the films “Who Cares in Sweden?” scientists, doctors and journalists address themselves to the citizens of

Sweden who are letting themselves be fooled by a handful of scientists (Key Opinion Leaders) in close association

with the pharmaceutical companies. These companies in the USA include in their budget billions of dollars to cover

fines that are taken for granted as a cost of doing business. The same companies are responsible to a large degree

for most of the continuing medical education of Swedish doctors. In Sweden the Fox guards the chicken coop …

We, ARTIMUS Film SVB AB are neither against foxes, medicines or prosperous pharmaceutical companies. There

exists neither a bad side nor a good side. The problem starts when greed and cowardice are accepted as normal

when journalists and the state retreat to the sidelines. Mankind forgets what is necessary for a civilized society; the

judiciary system but also our own evaluation of its importance. Unfortunately the Swedish government has not only

lost control of the situation but is selling the country out and they who should be investigating what is happening

seem not to care.

All are losers in this seemingly spinning carousel where public relation bureaus supply the media with doctors,

scientists and “positive” patients who contribute in totally obscuring the problem. We are hoping that these films

will awaken the interest of serious journalists and politicians to revaluate the Swedish health care and media

system, both of which have succumbed to the manipulations of clever pharmaceutical companies. We hope doctors

and medical students will unite to mutually support each other. The corruption today is rampant in universities,

pharmacies and doctors offices. Commentaries from ARTIMUS Film will be found via Twitter and Facebook. The

participants can be contacted through the web sites.

The films are exhibited on Internet by artimus.se and also on its own web site whocaresinsweden.com

together with information on the participants.


One comment

  1. Agneta

    I just read that this documentary has made some impact here in Sweden and that the doctors have now accused the film makers of being – guess what? – scientologists (why am I not surprised? ;). The film makers have just issued a press release denying all ties to scientology and all reliigious sects and organizations. I personally know one of the film makers and can assure anyone who reads this that he is not and has never been a scientologist .

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