Truth is Contagious…

It is indeed. 

Really cool to see one of my blog posts appear on the ‘Truth is Contagious” website, which aims to serve as : ”  an aggregate and archive of relevant news articles, press releases, legislation, etc. from various sources that impact significantly on the nation and the world. These articles are largely those that are generally overlooked or ignored by the various mainstream media venues, essentially piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of (mis)information”. 

July 18, 2012 @ 9:18 am

One would think, that the title of ‘knighthood’ would evoke characteristics such as honesty, courage, ethical, fair, moral, virtuous, honorable etc. GSK embodies none of these characteristics.

Andrew Witty is a man who presides over a company (GSK) which is amongst one of the most corrupt in the world. The legacies of dangerous drugs such as Avandia and Seroxat have left hundreds of thousands of people damaged, some have died, others will never recover. Not only does GSK have a history of dodgy drugs, but its past is also riddled with news stories of tax evasion, fraud, illegal drug testing on orphans and cover up’s about birth defects and side effects (to name but a few).



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