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“Pussy Riot” and the Psychiatrists who condemned them…

“At the moment… it is often enshrined across legislation, in mental health law…that  the psychiatrist has the determining role in whether someone is incarcerated etc … that should not be the case..  we do not have the knowledge to justify that…” (Pat Bracken – Progressive Irish Psychiatrist)

The primary function of this blog is to expose the dangers of GlaxoSmithKline’s defective SSRI anti-depressant “Seroxat”, yet often I like to bring attention to the dangers and deception of psychiatry and other things. 

I am a big believer in advocacy, I believe in free-speech, truth and freedom of expression, therefore, naturally I have been following the recent “Pussy Riot” trial in Russia. For those of you that don’t know, “Pussy Riot” were an obscure feminist punk band who were recently jailed for protesting in Moscow’s main orthodox church. Through their brave act of defying Putin’s corrupt regime, almost overnight- they have become a global phenomenon and the poster-girls for post-modern revolutionary acts.

Human rights groups around the world, and many celebrities, such as Madonna and Sir Paul McCartney, have condemned the Russian authorities for what they believe to be a grave travesty of justice. I agree with them: “Pussy Riot” challenged the status quo, they dared to speak out, they dared to act.

All they are guilty of is: courage, ethical conviction and absolute bravery; noble and rare human qualities – which should be cherished and encouraged – not criminalized. 

Anyhow, so I have been following this trial in the media, and I noticed psychiatrists and psychiatric reports were involved for the prosecuting side in their  corrupt kangaroo court.  Psychiatric evaluations, diagnoses and court reports were used in order to build a a case of (politically-motivated) condemnation, and justification for imprisonment, of the three Women: 

From the Moscow Times: 

Moreover, it is obvious that the man who defiled the Nevinnomyssk cathedral was mentally unbalanced. Interestingly enough, Judge Syrova tried to prove the same thing about the Pussy Riot members. She cited conclusions from the prosecution’s psychological and psychiatric report that the three women suffered from “personality disorders” and thus should be isolated from society. Notably, the experts did not appear in court and could not be questioned by the defense.

This is how the psychiatrists described the defendants’ supposed disorders: Nadezhda Tolokonnikova shows signs of “an active life position … and a tendency to express her opinions categorically”; Yekaterina Samutsevich suffers from “obstinacy, decisiveness and a tendency toward oppositional forms of behavior during conflicts, along with subjectivist and vigilant character traits”; and Maria Alyokhina shows signs of “demonstrative, overrated self-opinion.”

Read more:

For those that wish to understand how psychiatry has elevated itself to this inhumane status of power, please watch this informative, inspiring and enlightening lecture by progressive Irish psychiatrist Pat Bracken. Pat Bracken has long been drawing attention to the dangers and deceptions of his own profession for a long time. Pat Bracken is also a brave and courageous man whom dares to challenge the status quo, and like “Pussy Riot”, and all other seekers of freedom and truth, he should be commended and applauded both for his sincerity and honesty, but ultimately for his unwavering humanity.

Truth is Contagious…

It is indeed. 

Really cool to see one of my blog posts appear on the ‘Truth is Contagious” website, which aims to serve as : ”  an aggregate and archive of relevant news articles, press releases, legislation, etc. from various sources that impact significantly on the nation and the world. These articles are largely those that are generally overlooked or ignored by the various mainstream media venues, essentially piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of (mis)information”. 

July 18, 2012 @ 9:18 am

One would think, that the title of ‘knighthood’ would evoke characteristics such as honesty, courage, ethical, fair, moral, virtuous, honorable etc. GSK embodies none of these characteristics.

Andrew Witty is a man who presides over a company (GSK) which is amongst one of the most corrupt in the world. The legacies of dangerous drugs such as Avandia and Seroxat have left hundreds of thousands of people damaged, some have died, others will never recover. Not only does GSK have a history of dodgy drugs, but its past is also riddled with news stories of tax evasion, fraud, illegal drug testing on orphans and cover up’s about birth defects and side effects (to name but a few).

Come all ye Whistleblowers: Someone’s made a place for you to gather… Welcome “GlaxoSmithKrime”…

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GlaxoSmithKline’s Criminal Activities: What they got away with…

Note: Thus is just a small sample..

Most of you will be aware that GSK were recently fined 3 Billion in the US for a litany of illegal activities. But, as this columnist points out… This is the tip of the iceberg… 

They got away with much more than what they were fined for… 

3 Billion is buttons for a company like GSK.. apparently they used their ‘cash reserves’ to pay this fine. In other words .. they factor in the cost of FRAUD into their business plans and they have billions put by to pay for future legal costs… 

The fine didn’t damage GSK’s share price, it didn’t damage their profits…

But it did damage their reputation.. Although their reputation pre-fine was already fairly despicable , as these GSK crimes (which were not accounted for) clearly show…

The misdemeanors agreed to by GSK are, of course, just the tip of the iceberg. They did not admit any wrongdoing in the selling and marketing of Lamictal, Zofran, Imitrex, Lotonex, Flovent, Valtrex, Avandia, or Advair products, nor in its pricing practices. Also, GSK did not face charges for

  • killing 14 Argentinian babies during illegal vaccine trials that were conducted between 2007 and 2008
  • falsifying parental authorization in Argentina during these trials so that the babies could participate without legitimate parental permission
  • Not informing patients that Paxil is linked to cardiovascular birth defects
  • Failing to warn the public about the dangers of Paxil withdrawal symptoms, which can result in suicide, self-harming acts, or homicide
  • Knowingly selling products made in their plant in Puerto Rico which were contaminated with bacteria, other pathogens, and filth
  • Producing a swine 

     vaccine and selling it in Europe knowing that it caused narcolepsy

  • Destroying the career of Dr. 

     who tried to point out the dangers associated with Glaxo’s MMR vaccine, specifically the Urabe mumps strain

  • Producing a denture cream, Poligrip, which was so heavily laced with zinc that it produced neurological damage in users
  • Failing to warn 

     of the risk of Poligrip

  • Failing to warn consumers that their asthma drug, Advair, contains an ingredient, salmeterol, which is associated with serious asthma and asthma-related deaths
  • Firing whistleblowers who tried to bring these problems to the attention of management

    For full article see the link above (Bad to the bone- Fraud is the business plan)


GSK Boss Andrew Witty : The Man and The Mystery…

Glaxo’s record breaking 3 Billion dollar fine with the US Justice department caused an almighty stink in the media- but hardly a dent in GSK’s multi-multi-billion dollar profit margins.

Many commentators have observed that to companies like GSK, fraud and illegal practices, are merely the cost of ‘doing business’.

The cost of doing business has cost many patients their lives and health, and some have called for jail time for the GSK executives who partook in these illegal practices.

One man at the center of this debacle is GSK boss, and CEO, “Sir” Andrew Witty.

Mr Witty claims that these GSK crimes and violations took part in another era, yet Witty has spent his entire working life at GSK. He has been involved in almost every corner of the GSK corporate machine, and he has held many high level positions in the company. Are we to believe that Andrew Witty was unaware of any of these illegal activities? (which incidentally happened right up to his current tenure).

Are we to believe that Mr Witty is whiter than white?

Did he do a (hush-hush) deal with the Department of Justice? 

What did Witty know? Who’s gonna solve the mystery? 

There have been some very interesting comments on the popular pharmaceutical news blog “Pharmalot” in regards to Mr Witty and the GSK 3 Billion dollar fine.

Some of you might find them interesting….

Particularly perhaps the ones which are allegedly by a former Director of GSK…

Andrew Witty now CEO was KNIGHTED,even though he was a VP in marketing at GSK the time of the complaint. What was his role, nobody knows, he calls it a different “era”, yet it was his era in part, he was there.

Now he and his scumbag attorneys wont even compensate the whistleblowers according to law requiring it. They are fighting them in Court to fight against the wrongful termination a.d retaliation, suffered.for some 11 years. Thorpe was blackballed in the industry for his efforts, now the NEW GSK ,under Sir screwing the messenger again. Wait until this is public , it will be a. PR nightmare.

Why did this agreement take ten years…while the whistleblowers Greg Thorpe and Blair Hamrick were gagged from revealing the truth ? They know trust me. This story is not over by a long shot, white collar killers and those who bargain in bad faith with them need real punishment, not promotions.

Early in the investigation, a U.S. attorney allegedly stated any settlement would include someone “behind bars.” As negotiations to settle continued, one of my former colleagues stated that the starting point was $13a billion. Yes they laughed this off & went on to buy Human Genome Sciences for $3 billion. JP Garnier negotiated a lucrative retirement, clearing the way for the board to appoint Witty CEO. The first thing he did was fire Stout. Note Garnier & Stout had parachutes from other companies. Ingram was retired after he declined to return to running the U.S. company. Witty also fired the 2 SVPs in the U.S. company, Pernock & Hull. The only honorable executive, Chris Viebacher, was recruited by Sanofi-Aventis to be CEO, where he has turned that company around. There was a mass exodus from GSK in 2010the when GSK offered lucrative separation packages, followed by a huge layoff. Those with experience talent and ethics couldn’t get out fast enough. So the Witty purge is complete and he reigns today with absolute power.

GlaxoSmithKline CEO Andrew Witty’s statement still had a measure of disingenuousness: “On behalf of GSK, I want to express our regret and reiterate that we have learnt from the mistakes that were made.

“Mistakes that were made”? Couldn’t have the statement read simply, “mistakes that we made”?

Witty was VP of all marketing in the U.S. for a while pr-merger. The two companies had very different marketing strategies, with SKB more aggressive without regard to ethics. But Witty oversaw Wellbutrin Alerts &the Flovent. But make no mistake, he runs the GSK company of today.

Andrea, you are right…”we” could not have been uttered in this or any instance, for fear of further litigation, let alone implying that he, personally, had anything to do with it.

How can anyone trust anything these people say or do? They knowingly promoted a product which was harmful to patients. In some cases it caused : heart attacks, strokes,heart failure, PPH…….last time I checked these can mean a death sentence or cause significant morbidity. This is only one of those great products…

If GSK manages to stay out of trouble for ten years or so, then we can look back and see Witty’s statement as a potentially significant moment. We’re a long way from that now.

Thirty years in this business have taught me that there were probably lots of warning signs and high level internal memos flying around GSK letting the chief executives know the trouble that was in store for them lest they proceed with these activities at their own peril.

Glaxo continues its same m.o. The drug Lamictal is taking many lives due to an allergic reaction called Stevens Johnson Syndrome. They have been able to keep a lid on the number of deaths because doctors are not required to report this telling statistic. With one additional sentence in the warning label for this drug it would be far easier for patients and doctors to identify and provide immediate treatment but Glaxo is sinking millions into keeping the current label intact through blocking litigation and perpetuating myths about this potentially toxic drug. When Witty meets with his advisors in the morning they talk about beating litigation and keeping dangerous drugs on the shelves. They don’t talk about patient safety until the courts force them to.

Are you kidding me , Witty was VP marketing at main time frame of bulk of the complaint 1997- 1999…exactly when Wellbutrin was being revived from the dead, with total off label marketing for new scripts…another era he says? No he was neck deep and had to know what the message was. How could thousands of sales reps be trained to sell Wellbutrin off label, especially to children and actually be tested on their knowledge of the drug for weight loss. I was there, I took the test…seems the DOJ ” overlooked” his involvement or knowledge….he was to become a knight, as we all know now…how much did he know and when. Coverup by the company and stupidity at GSK ? No, how about some quid pro quo ?

Get the DOJ documents and follow the money as usual…..Sir Witty huh

“Witty says we are not the company we used to be, which begs the question, what kind of company were you when you, Sir Witty were VP of marketing…the “old era”….off with his head. No better than Bob Ingram, still his advisor, and planner of the schemes. Email me Ed, before I am dead.

(Witty, of course, was hip-deep next to Stout and Garnier in GSK’s criminal activities in the mid to late 00′s, so to paint him as some sort of “new generation” is misguided.)



Husband Shoots Wife : Expert Says SSRI’s contributed to “out of control behavior”…

Antidepressants may have contributed to a killer’s loss of control when he shot his wife, a court has heard.

Citalopram, Dr Herzheimer said, was a drug closely linked to the controversial medication Seroxat, which has been blamed for sudden changes in behaviour in some users.