Seroxat/Paxil/Aropax Side Effects … A Mother’s perspective…

This video testimony is from the mother of a child put on Paxil (Seroxat/Paroexteine).

SSRI anti-depressansts annihilate the personality and many young people are particularly vulnerable to the insidious effects of these drugs.

Paxil can cause severe personality changes, and aggression is a well established side effect of SSRI drugs.

This video is of Laurie Yorke, her son Ryan was prescribed Paxil and he developed psychosis; he self harmed, he was ‘death obsessed’ and he had plans to blow up his school. He went into cold turkey withdrawal after a few days off Paxil and went into a psych ward. The psychiatrist then tried to slap a label of bi-polar onto Ryan, but Laurie had by now, caught on to the scam of psychiatric medications and the dangers of SSRI’s, and she brought Ryan home.

After weaning Ryan off Paxil, he developed agoraphobia.

Laurie monitors a web site called ‘Paxil Progress’, which now gets 3 million hits a month.
For those going through any psychiatric drug problems, check out this website :

The Paxil Progress forum was literally a life saver for me when I came off Seroxat cold turkey at 25 years of age. At that time, (2001) none of us knew what could happen. There was no information about Seroxat on the internet apart from Paxil Progress. We were effectively, left in the dark, by GSK, the doctors and psychiatrists.

How many people failed to find help?, How many people still fail to get adequate help with SSRI withdrawal and side effects? How many people did GSK let die from Seroxat over the past 20 years? Will we ever know?</a



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