Glaxo Boss Andrew Witty Knighted By The Queen Of England…

Sir and Dame are titles of excellence, bestowed upon the elite within the tradition of the British Royal class system.

Andrew Witty (CEO of pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline) has just been knighted, it beggars belief as to why?

One would think, that the title of ‘knighthood’ would evoke characteristics such as honesty, courage, ethical, fair, moral, virtuous, honorable etc.

GSK embodies none of these characteristics. And I doubt very much if the Queen knows Andrew Witty well enough to figure those traits in him as an individual.

Andrew Witty is a man who presides over a company (GSK) which is amongst one of the most corrupt in the world. The legacies of dangerous drugs such as Avandia and Seroxat have left hundreds of thousands of people damaged, some have died, others will never recover, and in the UK, nothing has been done to bring Glaxo to book about these crimes. Not only does GSK have a history of dodgy drugs, but its past is also riddled with news stories of tax evasion, fraud, illegal drug testing on orphans and cover ups about birth defects and side effects (to name but a few).

But, GSK is also a British company and therefore it brings British profits to British shores.

In England, it seems, anyone can become a Knight, as long as they serve the interests of the English Political and Economic establishment. Never mind if you work for a company that makes defective and dangerous drugs. All it takes is a revenue stream. Doesn’t matter where it comes from or the amount of suffering it causes.

It seems the elitist driven political economics of the British colonial mind set is alive and well indeed.



  1. susan

    Not surprised he got a knighthood. There were rumors about that a few months ago. They always put one or two Knights of Industry….Was happy that Jonathan Ive got one.

    Happy New Year Truthman, I hope it’s a very good one for you.

  2. truthman30

    I’m not surprised either Susan..
    But, I was just drawing attention to the ridiculousness of the idea of ‘knighthood’…
    We all have ideas of fairy tale knights being full of courage, and bravery and greatness…
    British colonial history is littered with Sir this and Sir that..
    They become a “Sir” when they bring fortune to the British Empire..
    Times don’t really change, just different costumes in different era’s..

    Happy New Year to you too, and thanks for commenting…


  3. dbunker

    Being one of those uppity Colonials, my Constitutional Originalist gets hung up on Titles of Nobility, BUT, if ever there was a man Fit to wear one:

    Sir Winston is presently Turning in his Grave.

  4. susan

    Well, do people still return awards? I seem to recall the Beatles returned their MBE’s a long time ago.

    As for titles- in my book you both (BUnky and Truthman) are knights at my round table of activists.

    Along with Lord Tennyson’s Idylls.

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