Diagnose a psychiatrist? …

Psychiatrists like nothing better than to diagnose us all with bogus and ambiguous illnesses and diseases that they cannot prove scientifically, while at the same time vehemently defending their claims of psychiatry being a valid medical science…

That’s quite ironic don’t you think?

If I decided to invent an ‘illness’ based on my own ideology, but couldn’t prove it existed, people would call me mad…

I wonder if we were to diagnose a psychiatrist what would we come up with?…

Yet, it is these sinister and scary psychiatrists that hold the paradigm of mental health in their hands… I think that the ideology of psychiatry is the definition of sick and mad….

Their arrogance and audacity is beyond belief…

But, I must admit, I do find solace when I do a search on ‘Youtube’ with the keyword of ‘psychiatry’ and every single video (including the number one word search) brings up a massive amount of anti-psychiatry and critical psychiatric exposes and documentaries…

At least future generations can educate themselves about this sociopathic regime…

and as the years go by, and the internet becomes the primary source of where people find their information, it will get harder and harder for psychiatry to fool the masses..



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