Mental Health Blogger Clarissa On GSK : “I can’t believe how these arseholes are getting away with this stuff”

Many thousands would undoubtedly agree with her… That’s for sure..

While surfing the internet tonight I came across yet another fellow blogger who has had enough of psychiatry, the bullshit mental health system and GSK lies..
Check out her blog called ” Just Difficult – Working Away From Mental Illness” (thanks for the linking too Clarissa, I left a comment)

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European Medicine’s Agency Pull Avandia off the Shelves


I just caught this on another blog, but check the press because it has huge implications for all of us on psychiatric meds: if you remember the Seroxat scandal, or if you took it, then you will understand the background to this case on Avandia.

You may wonder why a diabetic drug has any connection to psychiatric medicines. Simply put, it does because of the way that GlaxoSmithKline have deliberately suppressed negative findings in GSK safety studies ordered by the European Medicines Agency, in order to put a positive spin on the drug. In the case of Seroxat, the problems stemmed from the same desire: to keep the public ignorant of the risks and also the way that the drug actually works.

To check the entire article on Avandia posted on blog GSK – License to Kill, click here…

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Posted by justdifficult on 24/09/2010 in Avandia, European Medicines Agency, GlaxoSmithKline, Safety Study Suppression, Seroxat

>And now Avandia…

>Like thousands of others, I watched Panorama this evening in their expose by Shelley Jofre on the drug called Avandia, manufactuered and marketed by GlaxoSmithKline. Although the drug concerned is not connected with those mentioned under the umbrella of mental health medication, it does have a thing in common with one very well documented drug used for depression: Seroxat. What’s that in common then? Well, guess what: it’s made by GSK too!

Yes – they’ve done it again, except this time, there was a focus upon how the industry promotes its products and even skews data to meet its own ends.

Gotta go to bed now, but more on this tomorrow…

(Tomorrow)… Do check out this blog: GSK: Licence to (K)ill – it’s a hard hitting jot on the subject of GlaxoSmithKline and Seroxat. The guy has just posted about Avandia and is waxing lyrical about the selling of drugs by GSK. I can’t believe how these arseholes are getting away with this stuff. We all need to wake up and wise up…



  1. Mike

    Yes, wake up and wise up – but start by imagining today’s world WITHOUT the medicines developed and provided to us by Big Pharma. Pharma is not without faults but the good provided far outways the bad. I do not work for big pharma or have a vested interest in them. My interest is that hope they will continue to invest BILLIONS of their own money to develop the next major breakthrough drug (that may or may not get government approval). Your friends, your family or your own life may be the next one these “arseholes” save.

  2. truthman30

    Hello Mike, thanks for your comment.

    But unfortunately, you seem to be missing the point. I’m not talking about the ‘pharmaceutical industry’ as a whole, I am specifically focusing on aspects of corruption, ethics and morality in certain circumstance and with certain drugs and issues. In particular, those of GSK, namely with the drug Seroxat. There is no disputing that we need the pharmaceutical industry to invest in new treatments for disease, but we certainly could do without the corruption, deception and immorality which is an unfortunate and indisputable characteristic of the way the industry conducts itself.

    I would love to see the industry put patients before profits, but I’m not naive enough to believe that will ever happen. When corporate machines become insatiable and more powerful than governments, they also become untouchable. They operate above the law with no regard for the quality of their drugs or the manner in which they are promoted, this is wrong , gravely wrong, no matter what way you look at it. It is when a pharmaceutical company begins to count consumers as potential collateral damage that things get a lot more sinister. And I believe this is the current state of the industry today.

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