Seroxat-Paxil-Aropax : Different names, same drug, same manufacturer.. same horse shit from GlaxoSmithKline..

Bob Fiddaman over at Seroxat Sufferers has an excellent post today over at his award winning and very popular blog (Bob has over a quarter of a million hits… suck on that GSK).

His new post basically centers around how GSK marketed the killer drug Seroxat to unsuspecting Australians. In Australia Seroxat is called Aropax, it’s the same drug, the same chemical and it has the same effects… In other words, it’s still lethal..
Bob has done a brilliant video explaining the absolute horse shit that GSK manufactured about Aropax (Seroxat) in Australia in order to get people hooked on this utterly disgusting drug..

It’s really quite shocking..

Shame on you GSK..

Well, my Aropax starter pack from 2002 arrived in the post. It’s a DeLorean trip back to 2002 folks and an insight into how GlaxoSmithKline Australia promoted the use of their wonder drug. For those that don’t know, Aropax is the brand name used in Australia for Seroxat, which, confusingly, is known as Paxil in the US and Canada.

The information that came with the starter pack is full of… let’s just say misleading information regarding reasons why the patient was depressed.

I’ve shot a short video that explains it better. I’ll upload some photo’s of the pack soon.


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