Robert Whitaker Versus Patricia Casey

Robert Whitaker ( Medical Journalist and author of Anatomy of an Epidemic) seems to have caused a little shit storm when he appeared on Irish National Radio recently.

Whitaker has long been highlighting the dangers of drug induced psychiatric disorders, the influence of the pharmaceutical industry and the dangers of these poisonous medications.

Patricia Casey is a controversial professor of psychiatry at UCD Dublin, Very interesting, have a listen.

Psychiatric Drugs:
28 February 2011, 12:00:00

Robert Whitaker, Medical Journalist and author of Anatomy of an Epidemic and Patricia Casey, Professor of Psychiatry, UCD and the Mater Misericordiae Hospital. pod-v-28021119m00stodaywithpatkenny-pid0-1140000.mp3



  1. leonie fennell (For Shane)

    Hi Truthman’
    Yep, it makes for very interesting listening and don’t forget her long association with lundbeck pharmaceuticals!
    I was at Robert Whitaker’s lecture and knew he wouldn’t be a pushover when I heard Patricia Casey was on too…he didn’t dissapoint.
    She’s well known for denying the link between ssri’s and suicide/homicide despite the warnings already admitted by the relevant licencing authorities, pharmaceutical companies and lundbeck themselves (not in Ireland though).
    It seems over here, our children don’t deserve to be warned about anti-depressants and their very dangerous side-effects!

  2. truthman30

    Yes, many people are becoming more aware of the psychiatric connections to pharmaceutical companies. It amazes me how they have the audacity to speak on behalf of the mentally ill when they are really speaking on behalf of their pharmaceutical masters. As they say, ‘follow the money trail’.. It is interesting that Robert Whitaker mentioned Joseph Biederman, he is notorious for his involvement in promoting psych meds for kids whilst being paid handsomely by pharmaceutical companies for his service, I’m surprised this wasn’t explored more in the discussion considering such conflicts of interest are also rampant in Irish psychiatry..

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