Robert Whitaker Again

It is great to see that challenging voices like those of Robert Whitaker’s are being listened to …
At last someone who can stand up to the deluded psychiatrists…
He speaks sense and he speaks the truth..
The gauntlet has been laid down..
Bravo Mr. Whitaker ..
Michael Corry would be proud..

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Robert Whitaker’s Lecture in University College Cork (Ireland)

Robert Whitaker’s excellent lecture about the sinister faustian pact between Psychiatry and the Pharmaceutical industry….
For anyone who is interested in witnessing the challenge to the psychiatric paradigm being openly discussed in Cork University, check out this link:

Robert Whitaker Versus Patricia Casey

Robert Whitaker ( Medical Journalist and author of Anatomy of an Epidemic) seems to have caused a little shit storm when he appeared on Irish National Radio recently.

Whitaker has long been highlighting the dangers of drug induced psychiatric disorders, the influence of the pharmaceutical industry and the dangers of these poisonous medications.

Patricia Casey is a controversial professor of psychiatry at UCD Dublin, Very interesting, have a listen.

Psychiatric Drugs:
28 February 2011, 12:00:00

Robert Whitaker, Medical Journalist and author of Anatomy of an Epidemic and Patricia Casey, Professor of Psychiatry, UCD and the Mater Misericordiae Hospital. pod-v-28021119m00stodaywithpatkenny-pid0-1140000.mp3