GSK Is ‘Committed To Britain’ ( GSK CEO Andrew Witty Says On Sky News UK)


Well it is a shame that Mr Witty (and his company GSK) is obviously not committed to the safety of the medicines it unleashes on unsuspecting consumers and patients. Drugs that often cause immense harm, damage and death. It is a shame that Mr Witty is not committed to rooting out corruption and making ethics a priority..

It is a shame that Mr Witty seems to value economics over peoples lives and patient rights..
Terrible shame indeed..


“Frequency Unknown” : Self Harm And Suicide From Seroxat..

Frequency Unknown

Some people have had thoughts of harming or killing themselves while taking Seroxat or soon after stopping treatment (see section 2, Before you take Seroxat).

I noticed that GSK have updated their Seroxat leaflet to include the above statement.
Personally, I don’t believe that the frequency of this particularly bothersome side effect is unknown to GSK, and if it is, then they are not going to make it public. If it is not, as they claim, then why is it not? I would wager a bet that this is because it would not be in GSK’s interest to find out just how frequent this (often permanent) side effect is.

For the rest of the Seroxat leaflet, and its (ever growing) shocking and horrific littany of warnings, dangers and side effects…

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