Just For The Hell Of It….



Dear Paxil/Seroxat Victim,

Not only did GlaxoSmithKline con you into taking PAXIL (Seroxat in the U.K.) — along with your healthcare provider who unwittingly prescribed it — untold numbers of you are addicted to it now. Which is a good thing since we at GSK are addicted to corporate profits (see GlaxoSmithKline 1997 confidential company document* at right) and, quite frankly, could care less about the pain and misery, the suffering and even death, that Paxil has spawned — as a direct result of our fraudulent promotion of the drug.

In fact, as far as GSK is concerned your health and well-being is on a par level with that of a disposable lab rat. On second thought maybe that’s a little too harsh; I’m not suggesting we don’t value you … far from it. After all, lab rats don’t have healthcare plans or bank accounts that can pay to have Paxil prescriptions filled. Yes?

If you’re like many Paxil users at some point you figured out you couldn’t stop taking “the drug” without experiencing oftentimes severe and distressing symptoms … electroshock sensations radiating throughout your head for instance. And that, of course, is just for starters. Isn’t it great! For us, I mean. See, you have to keep taking Paxil to make the discontinuance, I mean withdrawal, symptoms stop. (We had to start using the word “withdrawal” a few years ago after some do-gooder lawyers from California sued us.)

Of course, many of you risked it all to escape from our “Alcatraz in a pill bottle” — and lived to tell about it. And thousands of you are suing us in the U.S. and Britain … all because of that one little silly word. (Hundreds of you have also sued us because someone in your family killed themselves right after they started taking Paxil, or while they were trying to stop taking it, but we’re quietly settling all of those cases out of court so let’s not even talk about that. Its not a pleasant subject.)

I’ve got a lot more I’d like to share with you in this open letter and indeed I will likely expand it a bit more later on, but I’m getting all misty eyed at the moment as I think of all the dedicated Paxil addicts working hard and dutifully taking their daily dose of rat poison, I mean, Paxil — so GSK can continue raking in billions of dollars in Paxil profits every year. It’s a beautiful thing you know. Our scheme, that is.

Anyway, let’s have some fun shall we? Happy smiling faces and all that. Immediately following this letter you’ll find some of the neat stuff GSK is working to bring to your cyber doorstep. We hope you enjoy it, and believe it’s the least we can do. It’s all about being a good corporate citizen.

Finally, before I forget … on behalf of all of us at GLAXOSMITHKLINE I’d like to say “”thank you” — and don’t forget to “EAT MORE PAXIL” (Otherwise I won’t be able to afford upkeep for my assortment of multi-million dollar homes (and ski bungalows: one in Aspen, Colorado and another in the French Alps), maintain my Leer jet, my sports cars ( a Lamborgini and a Porsche), monthly restocks of my wine cellar … you get the idea.


J.P. Garnier, CEO


*What we (GSK) knew about Paxil when it was first developed — and didn’t tell you (or your physician.)


*A special “thank you” note to everyone who chose to become a Paxil addict.

*A “thank you” note to employees of the FDA who accepted bribes from GSK (then SKB) to allow Paxil into the marketplace, and helped those people thanked above (become addicts.)

*GSK’s “Paxil Suicide Hall of Fame.” Dedicated to those Paxil victims for whom “Paxil addiction just wasn’t enough.” Located in GSK’s Philadelphia, PA headquarters.


*A (generous) $25 gift certificate redeemable online at “Flowers-R-Us” for survivors of Paxil suicides.

*A (super generous) $100 credit towards the purchase of a grave marker for children who killed themselves whilst taking or withdrawing from Paxil.

*A (generous) $75 Amazon.com gift certificate good towards the purchase of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder self-help books (for Paxil withdrawal-induced PTSD.)


*A book of poems penned by GSK employees; inspired by fantasies of your Paxil withdrawal.

*A pamphlet entitled “Bad Paxil Withdrawals And How To Have Them.”

*A book of Paxil withdrawal jokes authored by top GSK executives.

*A one-year subscription to “The Zaps” (a comic book series that “looks at the lighter side” of this pesky Paxil withdrawal symptom.)

*A two volume set entitled “Welcome To The Abyss: A Paxil Withdrawee’s Field Guide To PaxHell.”

*A do-it-yourself Paxil withdrawal guide. Note: DOES NOT include information about converting over to a competitor’s product (Prozac) when tapering from Paxil doesn’t work.

*A cute, GSK children’s cartoon coloring book entitled “Paxil Withdrawal Hell: Why Do I Want To Kill Myself, Mommy.”

*“Dante’s Inferno: The Paxil Sequel” by GSK President J.P. Garnier. Note: leatherbound with engraved gold lettering.

*“The Myth Of Paxil Withdrawal” by GSK’s Minister of Paxil Propaganda, Dr. Alistair Benbow. A 300 page tome, of which 299 pages are blank. Page one simply says “Whilst I have every sympathy for anyone who may have suffered side effects whilst taking Paxil … I still must say its only discontinuance syndrome.”

*An information leaflet entitled “Discontinuance Syndrome: Defined At Last.” (I’ll save you some time … Discontinuance Syndrome is the phenomenon whereby countries ban or severely restrict the distribution of Paxil.)

*“Dancing Behind GSK’s Corporate Veil: How To Rape And Pillage For Drug Profits, Maintain Personal Anonymity, Avoid Personal Accountability And Sidestep Liability.” A huge block of a book, with contributions by numerous GSK top execs.

*Let Them Eat Rat Poison” by Dr. Anne Phillips, Vice President, Research & Development and Chief Medical Officer, GSK. Reviewed by the “Prisoner of Paxil” who wrote “an insightful book which provides the reader with a clear understanding as to why Paxil was turned loose an unsuspecting public. As Dr. Phillips says in her foreward “Its all about the money, BABY! Yahoo!”

*”Poisoning People With Paxil For Fun And Profit” by GSK spokesperson Mary Ann Rhyne. A frank discussion of the critical components needed to pull off a massive corporate drug fraud, including: dummied up field studies, successful collusion with insiders at public institutions (like the FDA), how to silence Paxil victims by buying them off (for pennies on the dollar) and more!

*“The Living Dead: Human Paxil Lab Rats And How To Trap Them” by Dr. Philip Perera, psychiatrist and group director for clinical psychiatric research at GSK.

*A GSK consumer leaflet entitled “So You Had Millions Of Nuerons Fried By Paxil Withdrawal … So What Now?” How to “rebuild your withdrawal-damaged brain” using common household items like superglue and duct tape.


*A t-shirt emblazoned with the line: “I Went Through Paxil Withdrawal Hell … And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt.” An eye-catching graphic on the back of the shirt depicts a crumpled human body fused to a dead rat’s head.


*A glossy 8” x 10” color photo of GSK’s Minister of Paxil Propaganda, Dr. Alistair Benbow being quoted as saying “Whilst I have every sympathy….” Suitable for framing. Signed. Limited printing.

*A DVD of Dr. Alistair Benbow receiving the Dr. Joseph Mengele Award of Excellence on behalf of GSK. Presented by several still-living members of the defunct Third Reich. “Rich in sentimental value.”

*A four-color, two-panel poster. Panel #1 depicts a GSK employee poised to drop a replica of an oversized human brain into the maw of a commercial-grade wood chipper. Subtitle: “This is your brain before Paxil withdrawal.” The second panel depicts a close up shot of a chipped pile of gore. Subtitle: “This is your brain going through Paxil withdrawal. Any questions?”

*A free poster reproduction of Munch’s “The Scream” subtitled “Paxil Withdrawal: My Trip To Hell On Earth.” (Suitable for framing.)

*A four color poster of an exposed human brain capped by an atomic mushroom cloud. Subtitled with a quote from GSK President J.P. Garnier who exclaims “Paxil withdrawal — ain’t it a blast!”

*A computer screen saver of Hieronymous Bosch’s depiction of Hell … with your own image scanned into the scene — along with a legion of Paxil pills chasing you to and fro amongst the flames. Specify Mac or Windows when ordering.

*A free bumper sticker “Paxil withdrawal … are we having fun yet?!”

*An 8” by 10” full color photograph of GSK President J.P. Garnier displaying an oversized Paxil pill bottle in one hand — and the dismembered head of a small child (who died whilst in Paxil withdrawal) dangling by its hair in the other. Taken at a recent corporate retreat in Aspen, Colorado.

*An autographed, four-color poster of GSK spokesperson and Paxil CR chompin’ NFL legend Terry Bradshaw — who told an interviewer in 1980 “I’m just going to answer as openly and honestly as I possibly can. And when I think it’s really controversial, I’ll just lie.” (Second Bradshaw poster with inscribed quote available as follows: When asked by the same interviewer “Were you ever at a point where you were just curious to try a drug — to see what it would do?” Bradshaw replied “No, I never cared anything about it. All I’ve heard about drugs is bad, so why get hooked on something that’s bad? You know. As the old cat says, I’m high on life, pardner.”

* A bumper sticker that reads “Terry Bradshaw Says: Eat More Paxil”.


*A miniature Telsa coil. Sprays electrical energy throughout a small globe mounted on a special, insulated stand. (So when someone visits you at home and asks you “what do you mean you have ‘the zaps’” … you can turn this device on and show them what’s happening inside your head.) Free, but quantities are limited.

*A gold-plated .32 caliber revolver, butt-inscribed with a calligraphic quote by GSK President J.P. Garnier that reads: “Good luck with your Paxil withdrawal.” Note: this is an on-line auction item. Date to be announced.

*A sterling silver, serrated 12” butcher knife, face-inscribed with a calligraphic quote by GSK spokesperson Michael Fleming that reads: “Here’s ‘a little helper’ in case your Paxil withdrawal goes really, really bad. But remember, Paxil has helped millions and millions of people….”

*A miniature bronze statue of GSK’s 2004 Employee of the Year, legal counsel Daniel Troy, who worked “in field” for GSK at the Food and Drug Administration’s Washington office.

*A football-sized Paxil pill autographed by GSK spokesperson and sports celebrity … Paxil CR chompin’ NFL legend Terry Bradshaw.

*A giant rat trap (scaled to human size) baited with a bottle full of Paxil pills. Mahogany base plate. A perfect conversation piece to add “a bit of spice” to any Paxil victim’s living room decor. Note: Not suitable for display in homes with children.

*A free (oversized) campaign-style button that reads: “Paxil withdrawal … are we having fun yet?!”

*A life-sized puppet replica of Dr. Mark McClellan, former head of the Food and Drug Administration. Strings included!

*”Paxil Withdrawal — The Board Game.” (Similar in theme to Monopoly.) Sorry, no “get out of Paxhell free” cards included. Game pieces are color-coded Paxil tablets in various milligram doses.


*A pair of free concert tickets to see the GSK-sponsored rock group the “Global Serial Killers.” Top stage hits include: “Off Label Them Kiddies (But Don’t Off’em),” “PANES Ain’t Such A Pain,” “Discontinuance Syndrome Blues,” “Benbow Ain’t No Boogieman,” “Welcome … To The Paxiltorium,” and “Human Lab Rats.”

*And for your “at home” or “in car” listening pleasure … GSK’s top-selling CD. Includes chart smashers like: “Night of a Thousand Nightmares,” “Tinnitus Symphony,” “I Forgot To Take My Paxil (and Went on a Murderous Rampage),” “Ode to Alistair (Symphony From Hell, Part I),” “Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi, Jean-Pierre? (I Promise I Won’t Kill You)” and “They Said It Wasn’t Addictive.”

*A pair of complementary tickets to see the opening of “PaxHell —The Musical.” Features a dance corps comprised of GSK execs (and their goons at the FDA) singing the opening song “We Hooked Them.”


*An essay contest for Paxil withdrawees afflicted by PANES (Persistent Adverse Neurological Effects and Symptoms.)

*An on-line application to register for a free stay at GSK’s legendary “Paxiltorium.” Hot Tip: Be sure to register well before your Paxil withdrawal force feeds your sanity through the bio-equivalent of a high speed paper shredder.

*PaxHell — “The Reality Show.” PaxHell is a real life drama, hosted by GSK’s own Dr. Alistair Benbow, consisting of ten “contestants” suffering through various stages of Paxil withdrawal … whist living together in a beautiful resort home owned by GSK (normally reserved for GSK execs to vacation at.) A GSK weekly webcast of the show includes “all the best clips” from each week’s episode. Tension on the set is heightened by the lack of informed medical help, and a paucity of contestant knowledge regarding how to best get off the drug. If they can! LOL See contestant’s daily struggle to hang onto their sanity as they are assaulted by “the zaps,” vertigo, projectile vomiting, fainting spells, severe tinnitus, hypervivid nightmares, hallucinations, murderous headaches, tremors, chronic insomnia, heart palpitations, chest convulsions, severe and excruciating joint pain — and lots more! Withdrawees who manage to stave off suicide win an all expense paid trip to the U.K. to tour GSK’s world headquarters, followed by a bonus trip to Yugoslavia to meet with some of the survivors of Paxil’s early “dummied” clinical trials. And finally, any (surviving) contestants beset by withdrawal-induced PTSD or PANES are given a special “thank you for being such a trooper” plaque … presented in person by none other than GSK’s CEO J.P. Garnier himself. WOW!

*Note: The GlaxoSmithKline document displayed at the top of this page is authentic; it was first used in an ABC news expose in late 2004. See http://abcnews.go.com/Health/story?id=311956&page=1 for the story along with several other GSK confidential documents.

Visit The Paxil Protest for more….


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