GSK V’s The BBC : Panorama Exposes Avandia

News just in folks from Seroxat Sufferers. The BBC Panorama series (who also did 4 documentaries about Seroxat) have come up trumps again, this time their investigation focuses on the dodgy GSK drug Avandia. I must say Mr. Fiddaman was most certainly quick on the draw with his excellent post on this.

Check Bob’s post out here :

And from the BBC website :

I am very impressed that Panorama and the BBC are continuing to question the dubious practices of GSK and the drugs they promotes. It seems that Avandia is becoming as much the new Seroxat Scandal as Seroxat was the new Thalidomide. Kudos and thanks also to Shelley Jofre for coming back to our screens once again to question the ethics and morality of the GSK Goliath. I recommend anyone who has been impacted by the current corrupt state of the pharmaceutical industry and ineffective regulation of drugs to watch this documentary, it will be transmitted on Monday at 8.30 and no doubt those outside of the UK will be able to access it online afterwards. Essential viewing in my opinion and I already have my VCR set to record.



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