Much has been said about SSRI’s and their effects over the years but in this post I would like to raise the issue of SSRI’s and ‘emotional blunting‘. When I was on Seroxat I often felt numb and completely disconnected from my emotions, looking back I realize it had nothing to do with my depression (for which I was originally prescribed Seroxat for). If anything, Depression deepens emotions and intensifies feelings to a very high level of sensitivity. With depression- emotions are felt deeply. There is a huge sense of apathy in depression, but with that comes a good sense of empathy for suffering- both with your own and that of those around you. You might not feel able to help others, or yourself when you are depressed, but you are definitely very much aware of emotion and feelings, in fact often this can be hyper-awareness. With SSRI’s it’s different, your feelings and emotions get completely suppressed, you become disconnected from how you feel, you don’t really care how you feel, everything feels kind of muddled and the longer you are on them, the more un-empathetic you become-for yourself and those around you.

This is what they call ‘Emotional Blunting’. SSRI’s actually induce this effect very quickly upon treatment. Your emotions are literally blunted on an SSRI, they are suppressed, unclear, dampened and confused. SSRI’s are actually designed for this effect and it is this effect that psychiatrists depend on to claim that SSRI’s are useful for depression and anxiety. When presented with an emotional, depressed, anxious, upset or volatile patient, the psychiatrist seeks first to anesthetize the symptoms. SSRI’s are actually thymoanaesthetics, they don’t improve mood but rather blunt it or numb it. While, of course this might seem like a good solution in the short term, in the long term it is nothing short of chemical lobotomization. By removing the patients ability to experience their emotions in real-time, the emotions get suppressed, and of course when anything is suppressed, it begins (very quickly) to fester.

Numbing is not healing and anesthetics do not cure a wound although they might provide the temporary relief and illusion by removing the symptoms of immediate pain. Often post-SSRI ‘treatment’ many people feel worse than before the SSRI. This is not because their ‘depression or anxiety has returned’, this is mainly because of the SSRI withdrawal affect and also because their original problems were not dealt with. If a chemical lobotomy is what psychiatry considers the best option for depression then psychiatry clearly does not understand what depression is. Depression is primarily an emotional response. If there are chemical changes (such as changes in dopamine or serotonin production etc) these changes are no different than the changes that happen in conjunction with any emotive response- such as the increase in cortisol and adrenaline from stress, fear, anger etc. These changes in brain chemicals are not abnormal and SSRI’s are crude implements at best. A ‘chemical’ cannot replace the loss of a childhood, the stress of a divorce or any of the general life events that happen to us. These life events will continue to happen and SSRI’s are not the answer.

So are SSRI’s an effective treatment for depression? Isn’t this the old question that we keep asking ourselves?

Personally, having experienced over 3 years on an SSRI, I would have to say, not at all. In fact, while I was in the throes of Seroxat withdrawal, I prayed that I could have my original depression instead of the absolute horror my body and mind were enduring at that time. While I was on Seroxat, I was far from cured and my mood swings were all over the place. Depression, is quite literally like disneyland compared to a severe Seroxat withdrawal, and even when I was on the drug, I never felt quite right, actually I often felt very wrong. SSRI’s are one of the biggest con jobs in History, and I feel that in about 50 years time, when humanity has evolved past the primitive psychiatric paradigm that now covets ‘mental health’, society and history will look back on the SSRI age as completely barbaric, unsound and unscientific.


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  5. The one good thing about coming off ssri’s was being able to cry I coulnt stop crying and I actually enjoyed it after ten years of having no emotion it was the most enjoyable part of commming off them, but the mood swings were terrible the agitation and irratability was horrendous and the sensitivity to noise was the worst I was sitting in the doctors surgery and a child was screaming the pitch of that screaming tore through my brain I had to wait outside because it was sending me crazy the doctor wanted to put me back on them I said no way but two month’s on and loads of panic attacks later I went back on mirtazapine.

  6. SSRIs weren’t “designed” for anything, they were essentially discovered by accident. Sure, some molecules were tweaked this way or that, but nobody said, lets make a drug which supresses all emotion

  7. tim :

    SSRIs weren’t “designed” for anything, they were essentially discovered by accident. Sure, some molecules were tweaked this way or that, but nobody said, lets make a drug which supresses all emotion

    Hello Tim, and you are an expert on such matters I presume?

    By design, I meant that the ’emotional blunting’ effect is what is intended when these drugs are prescribed. Whether they were designed that way or this effect happened by accident upon their discovery is immaterial to the fact that this is what they do. As you pointed out yourself, molecules were tweaked etc etc. This implies some type of design no? Experimenting a drugs effects in labs and clinical trials is in part ‘designing’ the drug for a particular use. They don’t call this generation of anti-depressants ‘designer drugs’ for nothing. Thank you for your contribution nonetheless. 🙂

  8. i took effexor for 3 years from 2006 to 2009 and it was not until i tapered off effexor when all the longlasting sideffects appeared. i went trough a horrible time with withdrawal and for 16 month now i lost my short-term memory, my sexualitiy (PSSD) and all my feelings and emotions (emotional blunting) but they are not just blunted, they are entirely absent. in addition i have a case of akathisia, chronic sleep problems and an outbreak of psoriasis. effexor was the biggest mistake of my life. i cant believe i wasn’t informed about the dangers of taking this brain destroying drug. i found a lot of peaople with similar problems – so its not just in my head. SSRI are dangerous!

    1. Hi Jensen, I, too have been suffering ‘side effects’ you have, absolutely no feelings etc after 17 months after stopping prozac. Was just wondering how you are doing now, any improvements?

      1. Hi Chrissy, Im sorry to hear about your struggle. It’s inhuman to suffer the way we do. Unfortunately there have been no improvements for me. It’s been 25 month since I quit the effexor. I assume I suffer from irreversible braindamage due to this cruel drug.

      2. I also have no emotions almost a year and a half after stopping luvox. Is there anything that can be done?

  9. I used paroxetine for 6 months I am suffering with emotional numbing intellectual and sexual dysfunction, I can not enjoy anything, I’m so desperate I’m 18 and I do not know what else to do.
    Tianeptine does (Stablon) can help me? help me please i dont know what to do to recover

    1. Maybe too late to respond for this guy to find it. But I too suffered from this emotional blunting effect, and I never thought it would return and for many it never will. For me around the 8 month mark of cessation emotions did full return. This drug destroyed my life and future. It caused me to drink uncontrollably and even though this is listed as a side effect my Dr. refused to acknowledge it as such. Without emotions I could not distinguish right from wrong and lost all inhibitions, I just did what I was told and that meant anything I was told. The dose was increased any time I encountered a problem. I finally took matters into my own hands and although it seemed impossible I got off the medication. Never been sicker and for that length of time in my life. SSRI’s are dangerous and are responsible for making people homicidal/sociopaths. I look back and shudder at what I had become on Paxil. I’m glad homicidal thoughts never manifested in me during that time becuase I might have acted on them. I’m not alone in this not by a long shot but I am alone in speaking out about it from personal experience.

  10. Eric, you need to talk to your doctor , tell him that you are suffering from these side effects, if he won’t listen find a doctor who will. I’m sorry I can’t offer much advice. All I can say is 6 months is relatively short on seroxat so you should be able to come off it slowly if you wean yourself, but again do talk to your doctor or therapist. I don’t know anything about the other drug. I am not trained to offer advice, but I wish you the best of luck. Awareness is the key. There is help out there, you just have to try to find it 🙂

  11. Hey ! I’ve been on SSRI drug and I’m suffering from emotional blunting since ever… I wonder how to get my emotions back…

  12. The only way you will get them back is by not being on an SSRI, but I cannot advise you as I am not a doctor. There are tapering regimes that have proven quite successful. Check out Paxil Progress and they can help you there…


  13. My emotional blunting may be due to my anxiety disorder rather than to SSIR. Because I was under SSIR long ago…Then I wonder how could I get over this emotional blunting ? I tried to post on Paxil Progress, but my account is still waiting to be activated…So may I ask to do it for me ? I’ll be grateful

  14. sorry, I can’t offer advice, I just provide information.

    I would recommend that you to educate yourself about the SSRI’s, and the diagnosis you were given..

    Quite often the SSRI med’s can blur your own understanding of what is happening…

    Most things can be resolved from personal insight and wisdom..

    The people of Paxil Progress will help you..

    All the best..

  15. I didn’t ask for advise, I only asked you if you could talk about my problem for me on Paxil Progress, cause my account isn’t activated yet. But it’s okay now, I ‘ll wait

  16. Was taking zoloft for 9 months 50mg n Wellbutrin 100mg quit cols Turkey and now i can’t get feelings /emotion back I’ve tried smoking ciggs yes bad idea i know but i want to feel again this is miserable im still so idgaf even after quitting these drugs

  17. In my own experience with Seroxat (Paxil) , my emotions and feelings did come back after a severe withdrawal…(cold turkey).. . I think you can make them come back and learn how to feel again.. I did, eventually… As far as I remember though it took quite a few months and some active action on my part… Maybe try going for some holistic treatment, talk therapy , also listen to music that moves you, read a book that will open up your heart.. Try to remember touching moments in your life, good memories, bitter sweet memories etc… Write, watch soppy movies, make a really nice meal… be kind to yourself….Or mabe get a dog? … Go for a walk in a forest, or even better go for many walks in the woods, on the beach… . ( that worked very well for me after Seroxat)…

    good luck guys..


  18. I posted a while ago on this topic and am still, at 22 months post prozac (cold turkey) suffering emotional blunting, complete loss of any emotion you could name. Still no improvement. Have had improvement in other symptoms I am suffering so I still hold out hope. What these drugs did to me is inhumane and if I could i’d be so freakin angry, yet I am not,(can’t), i’m just another lamb, like many before.

  19. I had the most sensitive, passionate, loving man I ever met in my life. He would cry and always express emotion. He couldn’t get enough of my love and things were great. He goes on Paxil 40mg and in 2 weeks he tells me he was having trouble expressing emotion. Four weeks later he was flat lined. He became mean and he was never mean to me in the two years we were together. He had no sex drive and our sex life had always been great, he took that off the menu.
    He showed no empathy, no love, no emotion and just didn’t care. I ended the two year relationship, it has been 3 weeks of hell torture. My man died, well the man I knew and loved just died. It was as though someone pulled a plug.
    His dad kicked him out due to a fight. Like I said he became very aggressive and mean. He would have never disrespected his father, nor me. He had told me that he had a fantasy about killing his father with his gun and watching his guts splatter all over. I knew this was bad. Can you tell me, is he oblivious to his loss of feelings?

      1. P.S The article is excellent. I should have read it before I asked the question, it answers all my questions.

  20. I took these since I was sort of depressed but the psychitarist adviced me to take prozac.Therapy was not essentially prescribed.First six months were a lower dose & I felt happier.It set off rapid cycling bipolar disorder in me.That freaked increased the dose and added beta blockers as well.After five additional months I could not take it anymore.I was sleeping 24X7.Erection was negligible and so was sex drive.Life was hell and that freak won’t listen.So I quit it cold turkey.Then the real horror came.I felt like committing suicide at 8 am and being top of the world at 8 pm.This was rapid cycling bipolar for which he would now prescribe lithium.Now, after 27 months of quitting this medication, I am ‘quite’ impotent, sort of a professional failure and have wild mood disorders.My ‘normal’ is when I am feeling no emotion.Such a great medication wtf!?

    1. Bipolar was rare before the advent of SSRI’s and although it go’s against the basic guidelines of the DSMIV, it has become standard medical practice to diagnosed it as bipolar even though it’s caused by another drug specifically SSRI’s. You’re probably not bipolar but you’d have to be off of SSRI’s for about a year to recover from the chemical imbalance they have caused you.

  21. Sorry, I think this is a ridiculous post. Where’s your evidence….how did you come to this conclusion, apart from that this was your experience? Emotional blunting can be a very real part of depression. My doctor has certainly not prescribed me ADs to blunt my emotions- that is already the case. She has prescribed them so I can start having a normal range of emotions again. There were times during my (prolonged) depression that I thought I felt things very deeply, but it was all against a blunt background, to put it clumsily. I can’t profess to know much about depression and how it manifests itself but I do know that this article sounds baseless. If the SSRI has a blunting effect, it’s all part of the ups and downs you’ll go through in the first month or so of taking the drug. Not the ultimate objective!
    You are scaremongering and it’s really not v. professional or “truthman” of you.

    1. Hello there,

      I don’t really care what you to think of my opinion to be honest. I know what I am talking about. I was almost 4 years on anti-depressants, and I have been suffering from depression for 20 years. I have researched psychiatry, SSRI’s and the pharmaceutical industry for over 10 years. I have been blogging for over 5 years (as you can see from the hundreds of posts on this blog alone). Also, as you can see, I am highly informed and experienced when it comes to these issues. I am not scare-mongering. You should really educate yourself before you make a baseless and flippant comment on stuff that you clearly know nothing about. Good luck with you anti-depressants experience… I hope it works out for you.

      1. Hey,

        Just read my comment back and yeah, I was being facetious. And very rude too. I’m tired these days, I don’t always think through what’s coming out, so I’m sorry about that. You’re right, I don’t know anything about it, and I should be finding out about what I’m taking. However your article still seems to be an opinion, yes, not fact completely….and I’ve talked to people who would disagree with you, that’s all, so it wasn’t an entirely baseless comment.
        I’m sorry you’re depressed.


        p.s. I think you should care what people think of your opinion, don’t you? 🙂 it’s important.

      2. Hi,

        As you just admitted, you said you don’t know what you are talking about. The Article I wrote on ’emotional blunting’, is a personal perspective from a very well informed and experienced perspective. You might think it’s just opinion, but if you read it carefully you will see that it is opinion based on fact. I am all for debate, and thanks for your contribution. Take Care 🙂

    2. This is a typical response from someone who is completely trusting of the medical communities advice, and I’m sorry to say but I found out the hard way they do not have a clue what SSRI’s actually do, they have an educated guess. Do some research. I never experienced emotional blunting or alcohol abuse or psychotic hallucinations until being prescribed Paxil. And the medical community responded to these side effects (although they are listed as side effects), by increasing the dosage and throwing more medication at me. I did not reclaim my sanity until I quit taking their medications.

  22. My partner was prescriibed an SSRI and a mood stabilizer a few months ago and has since been completely indifferent to me. She used to be very emotional and very communicative, but this combo has made her completely indifferent to me. She avoids spending time together at all costs and has zero desire to treat me as anything more than a close friend and roommate.

    Now she thinks we should break up and wonders if when she’s off the meds she will regret her decision.

    I feel so alone and I don’t know what do. I feel like I’m the only one really mourning for the relationship and all of the dreams we had together.

    Has anyone else gone through this? I was on an SSRI years ago and it made me apathetic but not to this extent..l

    1. I can’t believe you are going through this. I feel like your girlfriend and I are going through the same exact thing. Is anything better for you now ? I hope so.

  23. hi my wife started taking zoloft 100mg about 2 months ago about week 1 every thing started going crazy she did not want me around and she was not a loner she would find reasons to get away well about week 3 she sad i gust dont love you any more this is hard to beleave after 8 years of loving this woman and she shows no remorse at all she made me leave been gone 4 weeks now and i truly feel the zoloft has took her from me she goes in 2 days to get off of it what is the chance that she will come back to the loving person that i knew i miss my wife and family…

  24. I am starting to believe all these posts now. My girlfriend of almost two years was prescribed Zoloft 50 mg just five days ago. She was instructed to take a half pill (25 mg) for a week, then one pill a day after that. Tonight, after having an abnormal lovemaking experience, she told me that she feels emotionless–after just five days. I understand that medications take time to work properly, but I’m starting to worry that she will never regain a normal range of emotions. Before she was very jealous, easily upset, sometimes almost euphoric at times, an almost hypersensation like TruthMan describes.

    Our sex tonight proved that her personality is not the same anymore. I am taking her to her primary care doctor tomorrow–the one who prescribed it to her! Personally, I think she ought to be monitored by a psychiatrist, not a regular PCP. These SSRIs are way too potent.

    1. Hi AV, I’m the anon from June…

      My gf is having the same symptoms. She used to be very emotional and now… nothing. She now says she has no interest in sex and never really did (contrary to what she said, and how she acted, before all of this). I am wondering if your girlfriend obtained an official diagnosis?

      I hope that the primary doc gives you some answers and you are able to find a psych to monitor your gf. I agree that primary docs should not be able to dole out SSRIs and ‘monitor’ their patients without the experience that would come with being a mental health doc.

  25. Hey, I’ve just started reading your blog. I wasn’t on seroxat but was on lexapro and efexor. I now would consider myself emotionally blunt and I have sexual dysfunction that shows no sign of improving. Basically my life is ruined from these things and I’m only 26. Bastards didn’t even give me a chance to live a little. Check out my blog. Not much of a blog, just 2 posts actually but might do more with it.

  26. I’d like to add my story. My wife of 7 years, 11 years together got put on Citalopram for slight chest pains, thot to be work anxiety. They were more less, hard skipping beats of the heart felt randomly through the week. We did start a business in 2012, and that had stresses, but it wasn’t so bad that she needed AD’s.

    Started Cit. in late June. By Sept she was cold, distant and started flirting heavily. By October, she had cheated on me 3 or 4 times with 2 19 year old boys. A loving, caring mother and wife left our at the time 2 yo in bed, Not just left her in bed, but LOCKD THE DOORS (locking her in) by herself so she could go party. She didn’t party. She didn’t drink or do drugs, but she started all of that! Separated in October, she asked for Divorce on the 18th, the day we got our marriage license, and paid the lawyer on Halloween, our anniversary.

    Divorce was 2 days ago, Feb 5, 2013. She’s still cold and distant. Approximately on the meds about 7 months or so. SHe claims to be off, very small taper, no w/d symptoms so far but no real emotions coming back yet. Looking back, on a few small dates, I can see wehre she had more emotions at the movies or w/e. (small windows of emotions?)

    Yes, my wife is a purified example of Emotional Blunting and Mania while on SSRI. Please, do not let your loved ones on an SSRI, risk is too dangerous imo.

  27. Thankyou for this. I have had a partial chemical lobotomy from all the prescription medication i was forced to take as a minor from the time i was 13 until i was 18 yrs. I was “treated” with several different medications that my body could not tolerate. Doctors ignored the obvious, severe side effects that they had on me, and all my self reports. Simply telling me to stay on it longer to let the pain and discomfort subside, and only taking me off them to try another drug when they didn’t like the way i was acting on them. They convinced my mother that i had a “disease” and that was the reason for my bad behavior and cognitive decline. By the time i was 18, i was so terrified of the withdrawal symptoms i had experienced over and over again, that i remained on lexapro until i was 22 yrs old. By then my brain had been completley destroyed. Dementia like symptoms and feeling a lot older than i am. I am completley physically and mentally dysfunctional now compared to what i was before. Emotions have come back, but not the same. Mostly anger, hopelessness, and resentment at what has been done to me. Horrible sleep problems, sick, exhausted, cannot think or remember things, no normal motivation or stability. my center has been ripped out and thrown into a grinder. This is an absolutley disgusting, horrific money making scam designed by sociopaths. List of drugs i was forced/coerced to take were resperidol, depakote, seroquil, lithium, paxil, lexapro, trileptal, effexor, klonopin, ativan. The worst part of the brain damage was done with the antidepressants. I stayed on lexapro for five years. I was able to feel it happening to me while i was on them. A distant, horrible feeling of falling away and never coming back. My life has been truly destroyed, and many others have too. To all parents: If you care about you’re children, do not ever let them anywhere near a psychiatrist! They are the bloodsucking scum of the earth, and they will make you believe that you’re child is sick, and then make them sick. Psychiatric medication destroys the mind, body, and soul. They’re are many children that have hard times and may go through bad periods that can be very hard and emotionally distressing on you. But the fact is, that people are who they are. If you truly care about your kids as human beings than you’ll let them be. Take your life into your own hands and let your children do the same. If you let these so called “doctors” intervene with their development, I can guarantee you they will never overcome their problems.

    I’m sorry if i come off a little dramatic. Unfortunatley i know that i am one of the worst cases by doing lots of reading and having the pleasure of listening to other “patients” in psychiatric hospitals over the course of nine years time. I don’t mean to scare anyone, but in all the time i have been suffering from this, i have had no understanding or support, because there’s no one who cares or understands at all except for people who have gone through the same experience. You are right about the permanent emotional blunting because the drugs destroy a whole part of the brain. I was always an extremley emotional, empathetic person. I have been off the medication for four years now, and was extremley sad, shocked and alienated when my last boyfriend told me that he thought i was a sociopath.

  28. Hi Rachel ,

    I am so sorry to hear about your horrendous experiences with psychiatry and psychiatric drugs. Your story is unfortunately- one of many. Well done though for coming through all that. You are still young and I believe you can regain your life back. I wish you well for the future 🙂

  29. I hate these drugs. I was forced onto neuroleptics, I had no choice. I feel they have permanently changed me and damaged me. Even after coming off them. I used to be one of the most sensitive, compassion, empathic, caring kind people – I had such a deep empathy I could almost feel another’s pain. Now there is none of that, I am just indifferent, I couldnt care less about myself or others. I feel sad for the loss of myself that was, I miss my old self and I want that person back – my deep sense of empathy enabled me to be a very effective health care practitioner. I am going to be useless at my job when I go back in a few months because I just can’t feel empathy anymore, I cant feel my emotions anymore and I cant feel what it likes to share an emotion with another. I hate psychiatry for what it has done to me!

  30. Well I thought I’d give an update. In feb my ex said she was coming off the medicine. During this time she was still giving a little ‘back and forth’ behavior. Laying her hand on my chest while speaking softly about our daughter etc, telling me things like (the day she again said she definitely wants the divorce) she loves me. She was on the way out the door, stopped, turned and looked at me and said ‘Ok well I love you, and I’ll see you tomorrow when I pick her up” That wasn’t a ‘slip’ though she said it was. You don’t slip like that. Anyways…

    She’s supposedly been off now (very fast taper, almost ct) for about 5 months now. There’s absolutely ZERO back and forth. She’s been rude and so consistant in telling me she’s not been happy etc. She’s found god again, going to a Baptist church where she said her preacher said it was ok to Divorce even though I hadn’t committed adultery etc.

    A week or so ago…
    She was in the house before I moved out (friend took me in) she was telling me about an event. She said: “I was very depressed for a few days and you know me I always do a lot of housework to feel better but this couldn’t be shook. Jerry (her bf) didn’t cheer me up or anything. Then I thought for a bit ‘maybe he WAS right about that medicine changing who I am and everything..”

    Before she left, about 40 min’s later, she recanted that and said she was wrong. Said the drugs didn’t cause anything and was flipped yet again inside of an hour of being there. Went from being nice, to cold hearted in an instant. now? She’s completely cold hearted again.

    They say 6 months off is an average time for the brain to start showing signs of healing and /or changes.

    Ohh, I almost meant to say, one of my close friends saw her at her workplace and sent me a txt “OMG you were so right! She’s here at the store and she is NOT the same person! you told me so much but I never thought it was this bad. this is so scary”

    Please, stay away from SSRI’s no matter what your doc says! The chances are too great of an adverse reaction happening to you.

  31. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own weblog and
    was wondering what all is needed to get set up? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny?
    I’m not very internet savvy so I’m not 100% sure.
    Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  32. Hi all, in taking citalopram 3 months and i suddenly stop being in love with the greatest man i met, i want to break up and forget him, i know i ll regret it, i dont know what to do. These drugs destroyed me totally. Im cold and heartless. God helo us all.

  33. Same here. Emotionless and sexual dysfunction. Cognitive problems, no memory, severe insomnia, no personality, no motivation, no soul. No signs of improvement after 14 months.

    This is inhumane and no way to live. I lost everything: relationship, job, friends. And the medical community can keep on doing what they’re doing. This is simply so unbelievable that nobody believes us.

    Fuck SSRI’s and all the ignorant, lying shrinks. They commit crimes against humanity . Always the same excuse: “yes, but so many people get better by these pills. You’re the first one ever that I see having these problems.” Well fuck if they don’t have a laptop with google to be sure that they don’t cause harm. Of course they do..but they choose to only focus on success stories, completely ignoring the damage they do. They choose to not warn patients. Otherwise they would lose their job, because their job is prescribing poison. And of course, losing their job would be such a disaster!! So they harm and they know it. They just pretend to not know about the damage they do. That is a crime. They should be punished and be fed SSRI’s and Haldol every day for the rest of their lives.

  34. People who havent experienced what these meds can do to a person dont understand how much it can change them. I have been living with a stranger for seven years after he started antidepressants. We have been together thirteen and are now seperating as he cant live with me anymore. That is funny as I am the one who lived through uncontrollable gambling, lying, deceiving and absolutely no emotions since starting meds.He used to be so in love with me that people always commented on how much he loves me. Then he just didnt anymore and his behavior was so disgusting that people were shocked at what he was doing and saying to me. A seven year battle that has left me hurt and exhausted and he doesnt think there is anything wrong with him. Oh by the way he was put on meds Seven years ago for one panic attack

  35. I was taking Lexapro for only a short time (about 3 months) and as soon as they started to take effect, I didn’t feel right. I became detached and lost interest in my partner who had previously been my world. I felt isolated from everybody, didn’t want to be around my friends who meant so much to me and I couldn’t experience joy, or sadness for that matter.When I stopped taking Lexapro, I experienced electric shock like symptoms that travelled from my head to the tips of my fingers and toes about every 5 seconds, or whenever I moved my head. I suffered headaches, dizzyness and vertigo. This all lasted for about 2 months, but I would happily endure this physical pain for the rest of my life compared to the emotional suffering I am still experiencing now. It has been 6 months since I stopped taking Lexapro and I am not only emotionally blunted, I literally can’t feel anything at all. I don’t care about my studies, or my work. I don’t care about my friends, my family. The person who before this drug had meant the world to my tells me how much he loves me, and when I say it back the words are hollow and meaningless, and of course I have no sexual desire. This is hell, I don’t know what to do. I feel like I am living as a shell of my former self. I just want to know if there is hope, if there is anything I can do to speed up the process. I feel so hopeless.

    1. I have pretty much the same problems as you have. I also had Lexapro (escitolopram) 5mg for only one month. I also have headache and dizzyness and all kind of weird shortcircuit like problems in my brain when I try to focus or even move my head.

      I know exactly how you feel deep inside you and that you want to be able to feel something.

      Right now I still even don’t feel whether I am tired or not. I don’t feel anything except tension and some deep sadness or something. Luckily I have some family members that support me, so I don’t have a job at the moment and don’t have to worry too much about money- an career-like things. I really try not to stress too much. And at times try to make myself feeling sad or angry. At least feeling something. I feel some shortcircuiting in my brain then but I hope this somehow reactivates things. And even though my recovery is going very slow, I think it’s getting a bit better.

      I really hope for both of us that with time the brain heals and we will feel our emotions again and can continue our lives. And warn all friends and familymembers about the severe suffering that comes with SSRI’s and it is actually better to feel something.

      1. Hi Mark,

        In the 7 months since this comment I can see some very mild improvements, where before I felt absolutely nothing I now too feel a deep depression, constant tension, stress and anxiety. I am about to graduate with awful grades thanks to the period of my life where I was crippled by indifference. You are so lucky to have supportive family in your life, mine know nothing of what I am going through so I still feel pressured to work and study so I don’t dissapoint them. The worst part of this for me is still that I feel nothing for my partner, I used to have a fantastic sex drive but now the thought of sex

  36. Can I simply say what a relief to uncover somebody who actually
    understands what they are discussing on the web. You
    definitely realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important.

    More and more people must look at this and understand this side of the story.

    I was surprised that you’re not more popular since you certainly have the gift.

  37. I took luvox for 11 years and during that time it made me hypomanic, irritable, but was tolderable because it helped with my OCD. About two years ago, the hypomanic effects stopped, and I feel into a state of complete lack of emotion. At that time also stopped taking the luvox. I have PSSD, I can’t experience really any emotions at all. I’m have total anhedonia except for eating. Many days I feel I can’t go on, but I have two young children so I have too. Truthman, what can we do? Have you ever thought about organizing a group of people and pursuing creating a research foundation? We are still young maybe we can find something that will ease our suffering.

  38. I’m from Holland and had escitolopram 5mg for only a month. It completly messed up everything. I was very good at computer programming but completly lost my focus, have epilepsy now, and the first few month’s I could not remember anything about myself and I was so far away that I now think it’s not that bad to be dead because it seems like I now know how it’s like.

    It also caused loud beeping and noises in my ears, feeling more dead than alive, feeling disconnected from the world and a part of me. It’s like only the deepest animal part in me was alive and nothing else, I cannot expres emotions, cannot chit chat with people about random things anymore, have no motivation to do anything because deep inside I still feel like crying (every moment, every day with anything I do! it’s severe suffering with everything you do without really feeling it) and nothing else seems to care anymore. I’m 9 months further now, still have most problems but not that severe anymore. I hope I fully recover. The epilepsy medicines do help to make me feel more ‘in the world’ and silence my thoughts completly but I still have no emotions and parts of me just don’t work. Only some logical side and the character of me deep inside seems to be alive.

    I still have almost no emotions, only a lot of tension. It’s like I have to cry very hard but I just almost can’t. When I try to cry I feel a tear coming up and then, poof, it’s just dissolved and the tension of the tear suddenly faded into a pillow that doesn’t want to go anywere.

    I think SSRI’s are one of the most inhuman medicines there are. Taking away feeling emotions of someone is so bad. These drugs should be forbidden immediatly, Or just be given to the psychiatrist themselfs for only a few months so they can experience it themselves including the withdrawall.

    I WANT to feel real anger or feeling down or happy right now. That feeling that’s from deep within and you feel all over your body, I just don’t feel that anymore. It’s disconnected. It comes up, and it hits a pillow and vanishes instead of making me happy/angry/sad.

    And everyday I feel tension and some deep sadness. And nobody sees it and many people don’t understand that I get a bit angry or irritable when they expect me to listen to them, do jobs, or focus at anything while it seems like I’m crying and want to be heard and get attention every second but am not able to show the emotions or even understand myself. It’s like crying the whole day and people expect me to focus at stuff like jobs or going to a party and ‘just have a good time’ or to show interest in other people’s stories while I just don’t care about them, I feel some deep sadness and want to feel better but don’t know how.

    They also messed up my dad the same way with a lot of medicines and with electroshock therapy, something maybe even more cruel as SSRI’s. He is still very very sad and depressed inside but is completely suppressed now with a maximum amount of medicines and a lot of alcohol every day. Without medicines he is *very* dangerous and starts fires, stabbings and severe threatening and is suicidal. And it all just started with a normal depression because he lost both parents in one year, on top of a bad job and bad youth…. he started behaving weird/suicidal with the medicines (SSRI’s) and got extremely dangerous after electroshock.. and yes he is still at home with his wife because the healthcare in Holland actually s*cks and nobody wants him anymore. Divorcing is not an option because of the severe threatening, and as long he hasn’t killed anyone the police can’t lock him up in advance.

    This really really s*cks, I really hope I get better soon because I want to have experience a worry free (late) youth and want to go chasing girls and maybe have a good girlfriend

  39. I was on Effexor for 15 years. It was helpful for several years, but after 15 years I decided I would like to come off the drug and see how I did; I wanted my creativity, passion and drive back. My psychiatrist weaned off over a few months, but soon after termination, I started to have severe panic and anxiety that lasted from morning until night. It was a living hell. The psychiatrist tried several medications over 2 years – Latuda, Viibryd, Seroquel, Trazadone, Lexapro, Zyprexa, Wellbutrin, and Neurontin – to stop this reaction but nothing worked. This anxiety and ‘fight-or-flight’ inner experience was only temporarily reduced with Klonopin given a year after going off of Effexor. FYI, I NEVER was prescribed a benzo in my life before this because even though I have bipolar disorder and OCD, I never needed it. However, my tolerance continues to increase so I’m having terrible memory problems from these awful benzos. I also suffer hours and hours a day with heart palpitations and neck throbbing, which adding Xanax hasn’t helped. I had an EKG and have been checked by a cardiologist, but I’m in perfect physical health. Since this all started when I came off of long-term Effexor use, I believe that this physical trigger is brain related – I absolutely believe I’ve had irreversible brain damage from going off of Effexor. Eventually I went back on it in an effort to see if it would help me, but it was years too late. The psychiatrist should’ve put me back on Effexor immediately when the reactions started and I might’ve had a chance, but he didn’t.
    My life has been totally destroyed by this evil drug. It’s been over 3 years now that I’ve come off Effexor, and I’m seeing a new Psychiatrist who doesn’t know how to help me. I live in a strange state of emotional torture because I can’t function socially and struggle to function at work, barely keeping my job so far, from the stress a, devastation and continuing physical symptoms I suffer. My emotions are flat-lined, I have no interests or passion for life, and I no longer can feel happiness, contentment or joy. I have never wanted to kill myself like I have in these past 3 years because existence has become so intolerable. In fact, the only reason I stay alive is because I have 2 children who don’t deserve to grow up without a mother. My life is a daily living hell and after 3 years, I don’t have much hope that that will ever change.

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