Seroxat/Paxil : Voices From The Edge

While trawling the deep vortex of the web tonight, I came across one the first web sites dedicated to Seroxat/Paxil withdrawal.

The website ‘’ was set up in 1999. The quitpaxil website has had over 1.2 million visitors since then. Quite a lot of hits for a drug that GSK claims is ‘safe and effective’ don’t you think? It is simply astounding the amount of Paxil/Seroxat related articles/links/blogs and websites that have sprung up about this drug. It has to be unprecedented for any drug to have developed such a massive notoriety. But, we could say, for Seroxat-that notoriety has been well earned. And as they say, ‘there’s no smoke without fire’ and the story of Seroxat seems to rage on like christmas at Dante’s inferno

. has gathered his website’s collection of Seroxat/Paxil horror stories and created a book. Great Idea, and worth checking out I reckon :



  1. HS

    hi truthman. Someone has enlightned me about a google search they did of my name and its come up as me being apart of this website petition. Im ok with this website but I can t have my name as coming up on a google search.



  2. truthman30

    Hello Hayden, I am sorry about that, I can’t control what comes up on google searches. Is your name on part of the paxil petition blog post I did a few days ago? If so, I will have a look and remove it if I can find it.

  3. truthman30

    Hello again Hayden, I have now removed it from the thread. I had just copied and pasted the information straight from the paxil petition online. It has now been removed from this website. Hope that’s ok now. Thanks.

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