Hello Radian6 !!! ( I hope you are enlightened)

My dear readers, you are probably wondering who or what is Radian6 and why am I saying hello to it?…
Well, I shall tell you.. I noticed some views today on my blog and they came from a Radian6 dashboard. I had never heard of Radian6 myself- so with the magic power of Google-I discovered that Radian6 are not an elusive alien collective from a galaxy far away, nor are they a new indie rock band (as I had first ridiculously suspected), but they are of course- a corporate spying company! Yes folks, in this age of mass social media taking over the internet, companies like Radian6 are hired (or used) by big corporations to gather information on what you and I are posting about their products, their practices and their business. It all sounds very Sci-fi, but actually it’s unsurprising, because as Radian6 say in their corporate blurb :

Social media is changing business. A brand is now defined as the sum of all conversations taking place around it, and it’s happening regardless of whether or not we participate in the dialogue.

Facebook, Twitter and Blogs are changing everything and corporations want to get in on the action. Social media is sucking power away from the control of corporations and their marketing teams and into the hands of the individual, the net user and the public consumer. Think of it as similar to a mini cyber-revolution, it’s all happening online now and some people probably cannot imagine what life would be like without the internet. The internet itself has been a revolutionary force, but just imagine if that force could be harnessed by the public and used for the greater good. With the power of social media that could happen and that is happening. Personally, I would like to greet Radian6, but I would also like to direct them to some other blogs where I am sure they will find the information very impressive indeed. First of all though, I think they should congratulate the ‘Seroxat Sufferers‘ blog for speeding beyond 200,000 hits today! This is a great achievement, not just for Bob Fiddaman (the blog author) but also for all those whom have been harmed by
pharmaceutical drugs. Bob Fiddaman’s activism should be held as an example of the power of blogging and the courage of the lone blogger. Mr. Fiddaman, I salute you! … Radian6 … P*iss off and get a real job… But before you do… read up a bit on Paxil-Seroxat, you just might get enlightened…

Here’s 10,000 signatures and comments about Seroxat/Paxil suicides and side effects that you can stick into your algorithms and corporate databases.. Some of it is disturbing reading, but hey business as usual eh? … Oh, and I just thought It might be helpful if I posted some of these comments here, it might give your spy-bots and web-crawlers a well deserved rest after a hard days spying:

There’s roughly about 10,000 more but you guys get paid for doing your service so you can go find them yourselves…


I wasted my youth trying to deal with this horrible drug. Trying to stop Paxil not only increased my depression and anxiety but made suffering that much worse.

18 year old daughter violently killed herself after abruptly stopping and then restarting Paxil

was on Paxil for several years when I became pregnant. Due to lack of research on it’s possible adverse effects on Fetus’, my Doctor advised me to come off the Paxil while preganant…I agreed fully. Little did I know that decision would change my life indefinitely. Withdrawal and the long-term effects after being on Paxil started SEVERE Panic Attacks and Anxiety that I NEVER had BEFORE taking Paxil. My entire pregnancy was Hell on Earth, for myself and the baby. With daily anxiety, panic attacks and physical withdrawal symptoms similiar to a stomach flu, my baby was in distress the entire pregnancy. When she was born, she was covered/plastered in meconium. This is an indicator of severe distress to the baby during the prenancy. Born in a lg city hospital w/ a very busy labour & delivery ward, Doctors indicated they had NEVER seen a baby born with that much meconium literally coating her whole body. Once stabalized, she was rushed to Neonatal ICU where she remained for 10 days and where we came close to losing her on several occasions. She appears fine now…however, I have never been the same since coming off Paxil. I am FAR SICKER now, than I was before I was put on that horrific drug. I still suffer from severe anxiety and Horrifying Panic Attacks that have ruined my quality of life, in many, many ways. I think it’s a real crime that this drug was ever released and is still being Prescribed. The Product warning for Paxil should read “WITHDRAWAL FROM THIS DRUG COULD DRASTICALLY REDUCE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE!!!”. If I knew then, what I know now, I would NEVER HAD BEEN ON PAXIL. The company that produces this drug should have to pay compensation to everyone who’s been adversely affected as a result of this drug. I not only lost significant quality of life, I’ve had to give up Years of lost wages as I can no longer work due to severe Panic Attacks. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE YOU LOVE TO BE PRESCRIBED PAXIL…if they ever have to come off it, it could literally RUIN THEIR LIFE!!!!

This drug makes you an emotional icebock Australia
10115. Damian I spent 15 years of my life on this drug believing that I had a serious mental illness. The side-effects were terrible, especially if I took my dose late. However, for the most part I guess I just took it on trust that it was helping me, and assumed I would be much worse without it. Yet frankly, I also didn’t really have a choice, because the side-effects of even very slow, incremental withdrawal were quite simply intolerable. I also had no idea what kind of person I would be even if I could come off it. What would Damian-without-Seroxat be like? I had no way of knowing, as I had been on it all of my adult life. Following years of constant “suicidal ideation” and a serious, failed suicide attempt (not the first), I then spent four weeks of sheer hell coming off it in hospital. This was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life (and I do not believe I have had an easy life). The constant electric-shock-like feelings in my head were nothing compared to the hellish hallucinatory nightmares I underwent every single night. I have now been off the drug for five weeks, and am happy to report that I have literally never felt better in all my life. The “depression” and suicidal thoughts have completely gone, and, apart from some remaining withdrawals symptoms (especially electric ‘zaps’, dizziness, poor balance, and nightmares, all of which have been lessening over time), I feel like a completely different person. I look at the world with new eyes, unclouded by the distortions of this drug, and have experienced real joy for the first time in a very very long time. And let me tell you, in spite of the fact that my Seroxat-induced suicide attempt cost me my job, I could not feel more happy to be alive. England
10114. Debi I am having T H E worst time getting off my 30 mgs of Paxil… USA
10113. Maryann L. deSteph It took me years to withdraw from Paxil and multiple attempts! USA
10111. seccia veronique effets recherchés (bien être) inexistants !!! france
10110. Anne Lyons Ireland
10108. Djobbi IL fait arrêter de préscrire des anti depresseur pour rien ,si vous aider une dizaine de gens à se sentire mieux en parraléle vus entrai de detruire des centaines et aussi pour les benzo c’est de la pure criminalité . Tunis
10107. Glenn Chugg This drug is usless after the first 3 months anyway! and the Withdrawals are to DIE for! Australia
10106. Jennifer A. Fordham U.S.A.
10105. Eddie Ford Jr. Eugenicists-what goes around,comes around-and yours is coming. US
10104. Adham Mohamed El Shami this drug is really dangerous when trying to quit it !!! VERY DANGEROUS !!! Egypt
10103. France Roy Canada
10102. BIEWER l’hopital /FRANCE
10101. Miranda Chivers Canada
10100. sannier-lowry France
10098. Ed Aylward paxil is a dangerous drug united states
10097. laxmi i been on since 3yrs,when ever i quit my withdrawl symptoms are worse than my anxiety symptoms.GSK should ban paxil and help people to come off paxil.and GSK should provide financial help to us(who wants to come off medicine) USA
10096. roslyn halperin usa
10095. Dr. D. Schnapp I have experienced severe paroxetine withdrawal symptoms as well as adverse reactions to the drug (mania) UK
10093. Caroline McCall Disgraceful drug made in hell Ireland
10092. John Neighbour I’m a 62 year old ex-fireman. For me, Seroxat didn’t help me at all; On the contrary, it provided the worst, most sickening and frightening experience of my life. Thanks a lot. Not. UK
10091. Simon Pannett UK
10090. Tracy Vanessa USA
10089. Melissa Young Being pregnant should of been a happy time but having to get off Paxil ruined not only that but months of my life. USA
10088. Dennis Stewart I was on this horrid drug for 13 years, had helped at first, but nearer the end I had feelings like I was going to go mad. Nobody had told me about the tapering thing, docs didn’t want me to stop. I am in month 15 of withdrawal, can’t work, can’t drive, my memory and concentration is poor, and I have burning issues in skin. This is a horrid drug to put on the market and hide clinical trial data,. USA
10087. Kathleen Brown Australia
10086. vandenbussche france
10084. Jennie Philpott i have been taking paxil since I was 13. I have attempted before to stop taking the drug due to the side effects, but the withdrawal symptoms are much worse. Canada
10083. John Downing Still have withdrawal effects after 8 years! UK
10082. Ahirrick Ghunlak pharmaslingers beware Canada
10081. Tiffany Bines This drug was prescribed to a loved one with no discussion or hesitation, and with no warning of withdrawl symptoms. He is going through a terrible time in life trying to taper off. It seems he will be suffering for a great deal of time before he’ll be rid of this poison for good. Canada
10079. faillet france
10078. Monique Piquet & Roeting france
10077. Chiesa Michel FRANCE
10076. Midenet Chantal FRANCE
10075. Kelly Lewis It is sad that I had to go to the internet to discover the effects of withdrawal from Paxil. I did decide to go off of Paxil cold turkey. It was a mixtake, but I am determined not to go back on it again, now that I know what a horrible medication it is. God will help me through the ups and downs of my life, not a pill. U.S.A.
10074. Matthew Hardy Get rid of this antidepressant, there are better ones. New Zealand
10072. Aukje Seroxat nearly killed me,and my familie with me,i became psychotic and i wanted to kill us all,thanks Seroxat! Netherlands
10071. C. Spalan USA
10070. Len Fischer I no longer believe anything the pharmacuetical industry has to say, I wish I could find a GP who hasn’t been indoctrinated Canada
10069. Dan my son when born had 60 blood clots and I’m told this might of been a reason. USA
10068. chavanis france
10067. Reem seroxat is ruining my life… UAE
10066. Ellie Jane Holbrook this evil drug has made me violent and a danger to my child during withdrawal United Kingdom
10065. Martin De Bellefeuille They ruined my life ! Canada
10064. Catherine J. Unger Vancouver, WA
10063. Lori Bolthouse Paxil has been a very rough medicine to get off from with many attempts due to horrible withdrawls. To date, I have been unsuccessful in getting off this horrible medication & fear I will never be the same after use of this drug USA
10062. Jasper Britton UK
10061. Michael Reed US
10060. Françoise Brassart I am Paxil (Aka Deroxat in France) free after a severe withdrawal. France
10059. Gianni USA
10058. Klaas Netherlands
10057. Louis Geri USA
10056. Shaun Thornton the withdrawals from this drug can be awful and prolonged over many years uk
10055. sara moghimi this drug must be banged, highly addictive wales
10054. Linda Johnson United States of America
10053. Kim Wolf USA
10052. Audra usa
10051. Ron Goodman USA
10050. Elvis Cek Paxil and Celexa can die. USA
10049. FOYART Christine france
10048. THIEBLEMONT france
10047. Laura Fargione USA
10046. Guillaume MARMET France
10045. Tracy Meyer I hate your product, its dangous! Lewis
10044. Pierre El-Hnoud I stopped taking Seroxat. I feel Electrical shocks going through my head every second and continuous nauzia. Lebanon
10043. Eugene Hogue J’essaie d’arrêter pour la deuxième fois. 6 jours sans prendre de Paxil jusqu’à maintenant. Conséquences : étourdissement lors des mouvements des yeux, nausées durant le jour, hyperactivité, douleurs musculaires, cauchemards. Pourtant, durant la prise du médicament je me sentais vraiment mieux. Canada
10042. Jade Pinkerton This drug has made my life a living hell. I’m one of the lucky ones to have survived two suicide attempts so that I could tell my story. This drug has caused severe stomach and head trauma New Zealand
10041. scott giacomin sorry for your loss, god bless usa
10040. Kylie Maxwell Wish I’d never started. Maximum rate of taper for sanity: 10mg reduction over one month, then 3 months rest. Side affects are unbelievable. My work and relationships suffer greatly. UK
10039. Jacob J. Roland Paxil lied. Paxil is very addictive. I have had horrible experiences with withdrawl experiences and side effects of taking it. I think paxil should be sued. I wish i could sue paxil for its effects on me. I can not find a lawyer who will. Shame on Paxil for lying and false advertising! We should join and make a class action lawsuit. Are there any lawyers out there? United States
10038. steve leclair hell medecine canada
10037. Kim Tierney damn withdraw with paxil drummondville, canada
10036. ayad_mullerHousni saling a drug that make it’s user dépendant without telling him that is damageable france
10035. Pieren Switzerland
10034. Christine Batt this is no wonder drug, it is poison australia
10033. Lyndal Brown Australia
10032. Jennifer Dymond New Zealand
10031. Robert Power 1 year taking the drug all’s fine i’ll stop now….. 8 years later attempting very slow taper expected to take 2 years plus. Fingers crossed. Evil stuff.



  1. BetaSheep

    This sounds like vFluence and its monitoring of Stan’s Bi-Polar Chronicles.

    Sentiment analysis seems to be on the bleeding edge. Your page may have been seen by human eyes, but more likely it was a bot program which encountered the magic word and then stored and indexed its encounter for possible human parsing. It’s hard to say. There are so many things that crawl the web besides the google spiders.

    At any rate, bottom-up organization is a very good thing, unless you’re among the powers that be. They seem to be losing their chokehold on the ability to disseminate (mis)information and are trying any way possible to shape perceptions.

  2. truthman30

    ‘They seem to be losing their chokehold on the ability to disseminate (mis)information and are trying any way possible to shape perceptions’

    Indeed, this is very true.

  3. Katie Morse

    Hey there from Radian6. Just like you mention above, the business world is changing. We’re happy that the web makes stories easier to share and gives more people a voice. We work hard as a company to highlight those conversations and stories for brands that want to listen.

    Community Manager | Radian6

  4. truthman30

    Hello Katie Morse from Radian6

    Well, I’m delighted that you have posted a comment. I understand that you work hard as a company highlighting conversations you find online but I would be cynical about the use of these conversations when they end up in the hands of the companies whom request them. If, as you say, you are ‘happy that the web makes stories easier to share’ and gives ‘more people a voice’, then that is fantastic. But, I somehow don’t think the companies who hire you are too happy about that. If they were, then there would be no need for information gathering such as web bots and spiders from companies such as yours. Anyhow, I sincerely appreciate your comment, and please feel free to engage and comment more at your leisure.

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