Shane Clancy : The Bigger Picture

I have been drawing a lot of attention recently to the tragic case of the Shane Clancy SSRI induced tragedy. I feel very passionate about this case for one main reason- I could have been Shane Clancy; in fact, anyone who takes SSRI medications can end up killing themselves, harming themselves and harming others, these drugs can be lethal. SSRI’s (and generally all psychiatric drugs) are russian roulette.

I have been blogging and bringing awareness to the issues of SSRI induced suicide and aggression (amongst other things) for over 8 years now. It is 8 years ago since I came off the notorious SSRI drug Seroxat. If you google on the internet, you will see that Seroxat is possibly one of the most despised and loathed drugs amongst those who were unfortunate enough to be prescribed it. Seroxat is also amongst the most controversial drugs of the past decade. But Seroxat is not alone in its indiscriminate propensity to push you over the SSRI edge.

Seroxat belongs to a class of drug called SSRI’s. These drugs include the drug Shane was prescribed, a drug called Cipramil (Celexa). Although Seroxat has garnered the lions share of bad press in regards to cover-ups, controversy and headlines, it would be safe to say that the whole SSRI class of drugs can indeed cause the same, or similar detrimental affects. They belong to the same class for a reason, in that, they work in a similar way and have similar effects on the brain, the body and the mind. Drug companies have more or less admitted that the SSRI class can increase suicidal thoughts and behavioral changes, at their worst it seems in the ‘young adult‘ population. I was a young adult when I was prescribed Seroxat, I was 21, too young to understand the consequences of anti-depressants, too young even to comprehend what I was being medicated for. I am assuming, from what I know of Shane’s case, that he was too.

Unfortunately, there is much misinformation about depression and anxiety. This misinformation is perpetuated by the pharmaceutical industry and the psychiatric community (and I say ‘community’ with my tongue firmly in my cheek- psychiatrists are usually amongst the most self-interested and self-serving individuals you could come across).

The psychiatric community and the psychiatric paradigm is an institution and a heavily influential and powerful ideology. But, that ideology would crumble if you took away their main columns of support- the pharmaceutical industry and the promotion of psychiatric medications. It is these insidious influences that keep psychiatry in its culture of denial. They take the pharmaceutical lines of defense and they defend the corporate-speak of the industry because the industry funds their institution. The industry owns psychiatry. The modern psychiatrist seeks to validate his profession as a genuine and effective medical practice, on par with radiology or cardiology. The psychiatrist attempts to deceive by alluding to psychiatry’s scientific basis. But there is one fatal flaw in this deception, Psychiatry has never proven its theories nor cured any patient; and some would argue that psychiatry has in fact perpetuated the many myths of mental illnesses, hindered the progress of understanding the depths of the human condition and harmed many more than it has helped.

Shane Clancy is a victim of the corruption of psychiatry by the pharmaceutical industry, although some would say it is not mere corruption, but in fact- collusion. – as both serve the agenda of the other. In other words, the industry needs people to take medications for mental illnesses as the mental illness market is a massively lucrative market. The psychiatrists have no real answers nor strategies to deal with ‘mentally ill’ patients, they get paid for deciding a diagnosis and writing a prescription. Psychiatry needs the industry, like a baby needs its mothers milk. The pharmaceutical industry funds research for psychiatric projects, it supports lectures for psychiatrists and helps them further their career. The psychiatric community defends and protects the industry because the industry takes care of the needs of psychiatry- it does this by way of validation, monetary gain and status.

Before I started to educate myself on the psychiatric system and the pharmaceutical industry, I was completely unaware of how inextricably linked both these entities are. I would have naively believed that psychiatrists were there to help people with mental illness. I would have trusted psychiatry. People are often amazed when they discover the truth about psychiatry, and at first I was too. But as I get older, I realize that the corruption of psychiatry is just another example of the dark side of human nature, the shades of greed, ego and power that exist in all forms of humanity are rampant in psychiatry. Ireland has had its fair share of dark moments, from colonialism to church domination, abuse, industrial schools and much pain inflicted on the most vulnerable and exploited in society. Irish psychiatry is shifting through a similar period of exposure. It is an ideology and belief system with a lot of power and political sway, it also has free reign of the most vulnerable, which is always a dangerous thing, but as Leonard Cohen once wrote ‘ There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in’. Psychiatry is beginning to slowly crack, but there’s a whole lot of darkness in there which will need to be out-shadowed before justice and truth come to light. I hope that Shane Clancy, Sara Carlin, Sharise Gatchell and the many other casualties of the psychiatric-pharmaceutical alliance can be not victims anymore but beacons of that light in the darkness. We live in hope.



  1. Fid

    Fantastic post mate, you are doing the Clancy family proud my staying on top of this.

    It’s tough writing about death, particularly when both you and I have experienced at first hand what drugs like this can to do the human mind.

    There is one disease missing from the DSM. It is the disease of morality…or lack of it. It’s not addictive, it’s just based on greed. There is no cure and it is rife amongst pharma, regulators, key opinion leaders and the pharmaceutical whores who tout their services to the likes of GlaxoSmithKline.

    Shane Clancy was killed, he wasn’t killed by his doctor, he wasn’t killed by a lack of knowledge. He was killed by greed and a need to keep that greed under wraps.

    Those responsible need to be criminally prosecuted but it is nigh on impossible to point a finger at one single person. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if pharmaceutical companies were a living entity they would be deemed as psychopaths.

    The drug regulatory system aren’t that far behind them.

    Keep on banging the drum. I know how passionate you are about this particular case.


  2. truthman30

    I suppose the point I was trying to get across in this post was that ‘ no event happens in a vacuum’. Because of the violent nature of the Clancy case, and the subsequent tragedy that ensued it is easy for the mainstream media to focus on these aspects and thus the picture of what happened and why these events happen often becomes lost and in a way the focus becomes very much reduced to sound bites and tabloid headlines. What I was trying to get across was the fact that these drugs can and do cause these reactions in some people. Shane’s adverse reaction to Cipramil exhibits all the classic traits of an Ssri murder-suicide. Ssri suicides are always quite violent where as non-medicated suicides are usually much less so. I wish that the mainstream media would hurry up, wake up and join the dots. School shootings in America have long been linked to Psychiatric medications. Shane Clancy’s case seems to be of a similar vein. These events need to be examined in a different manner, and the media needs to realize that they are not happening in isolation but repeatedly. The pattern is already there, the media needs to start looking beyond the victims and stop dramatizing these tragedies. These events are happening because a lot of people are making a lot of money selling, promoting and endorsing psychiatric drugs. Shane Clancy and all the hundreds of thousands of people adversely harmed by these medications are but the toll and tail of a billion dollar gravy train, with the pharmaceutical industry at the wheel and the psychiatrists greasing the wheels. If anyone is to blame, the fingers should be wagging in that direction.

  3. Stephany

    “These events are happening because a lot of people are making a lot of money selling, promoting and endorsing psychiatric drugs. Shane Clancy and all the hundreds of thousands of people adversely harmed by these medications are but the toll and tail of a billion dollar gravy train, with the pharmaceutical industry at the wheel and the psychiatrists greasing the wheels. If anyone is to blame, the fingers should be wagging in that direction.”

    This is a great statement, very smart.


  4. leonie fennell

    Thanks for your support..some days its the light at the end of a very long tunnel.
    Shane would have been amazed that there are people picking up for him that didn,t know him! Shane will be dead a year tomorrow and i still find the circumstances so hard to believe. He really was the biggest softie!
    I have absolutely no doubt that we will change phychiatry in Ireland. That might sound incredibly naive or stupid..but i believe Shane was way too special a person to die at 22 for nothing! There was nothing very remarkable about us as a family, except that we were happy and had a blast.
    I,m so so sorry for what Shane did to another family and i would change places in a heartbeat..but i can,t. The only thing i can do is fight the system and try to stop this happening to other families. We had the privilege of having Professor David Healy (our hero) speak about these drugs at Shanes inquest. He didn,t charge us a penny! We also have a brilliant solicitor (James Mc Quill) who was also really good to us. We would have got nowhere without them and i believe it,s no accident that we came across these brilliant minds!
    So with their help and websites like yours..we will make a change.
    Thanks from Leonie and Tony..(and Shane)

  5. truthman30

    Hi Leonie, thank you for posting. I didn’t know Shane, but I was his age when I was also prescribed SSRI’s, and contrary to the mainstream psychiatric opinion, these medications can cause extreme aggression, personality changes and worse. I experienced them and I know many more who have experienced the horrors of these poisons also.There is a lot of stuff I cannot post on this website about Irish psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry (due to the hostile nature of both in Ireland) but I do what I can to raise awareness about the dangers of these meds. Keep fighting the good fight, and thank you again for commenting. 🙂

  6. truthman30

    As a side note to Leonie and Tony : If you want to change Psychiatry in Ireland, all you need to do is follow the money trails around the industry and the psychiatrists who are tied to it. It’s plain to see (even with a simple google search) that the psychiatrists in Ireland who defend these med’s and deny the truth about them are all linked to drug companies, whereas the one’s who speak the truth are independent and thus not biased in favor of the industry. You would be surprised what revealing information you can find on ‘Google’. I believe, that if these links were exposed for what they are, the Irish public would truly be horrified, and possibly that would make a change. But, I am also aware that some journalists in Ireland are afraid to do this- which is understandable due to the power that psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry holds in Ireland. But, for those amongst us with nothing to lose, it’s a different story.

  7. 5am

    I feel as you said there is a reason for what happened and must bring this drug scandal to the fore to protect other young people

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