I have written about Shane Clancy recently on this blog. Shane was prescribed the SSRI Cipramil and the side effects from this anti-depressant manifested in an SSRI induced murder/suicide which shocked the isle of Ireland. Unfortunately Shane’s tragedy is one of a long line of SSRI induced devastation for victims and families. Shane’s mother Leonie has set up a blog about Shane and SSRI drugs. I commend Leonie for being brave enough to speak out against these drugs and the drug pushers whom deny the truth about them. I am sure she has the full support of the SSRI blogging community.



Hi… My name is Leonie and my son,s name was Shane Clancy. He Killed himself and another young man on Aug 16th 2009. He was on cipramil (celexa) for three weeks. He never had a violent bone in his body. I know without a shadow of doubt that the drug caused Shane to behave like this.
The jury at Shane,s inquest returned an open verdict..(rejecting a suicide verdict).
Professor David Healy who was the expert witness at the inquest clearly stated that this can happen to a
small minority of people who can have a bad reaction to these anti-depressants.
This becomes a major problem when there are millions of people across the globe being treated with these drugs!
After the inquest Lundbeck (the makers of cipramil) stated on RTE news that their drug could not have caused this and there was no evidence to support our claim.
The Irish college of psychiatry came out to defend Lundbeck and dismiss what we were saying.
The Irish Medicines Board say that the patient information Leaflet give sufficient warning and we dont need a black box warning here like they have in canada and the usa.
Timothy Dinan who has been the most vocal about disputing our claims is a member of The Irish college of psychiatry. He is also a committee member of The Irish Medicines Board and receives honoraria (payment) from Lundbeck… so what does this tell you? Is there corruption going on?


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