Shane Clancy : An SSRI Induced Tragedy

I haven’t had time to write much lately, but I feel I need to bring attention to a very tragic case of SSRI induced suicide/homicide that happened in Ireland in August of last year (2009). The case of Shane Clancy is a very tragic one, but unfortunately his is one of many tragedies; terrible tragedies induced solely from the effects of SSRI drugs.

Clancy’s parents have spoken publicly of their son’s actions and have said he had suffered with depression.

Leonie Farrell has spoken of how she took her 22-year-old son to the doctor where he got a month’s supply of anti-depressants — and he then took them all in one go in a suicide attempt. She criticised the fact that after the suicide attempt he had been given another month’s supply. His parents said they had not been made aware of the drugs’ side-effects.

 I strongly believe that this case is yet another example of the kinds of disturbing effects that SSRI drugs can have on peoples personalities, moods and minds. The reason why I want to bring attention to this case, is because, I (like Shane) was prescribed an SSRI in my very early twenties because I felt a bit down. I became violent, aggressive and hostile from Seroxat, these drugs are highly dangerous and toxic to the human body, not to mention the sheer range of adverse affects they can have on the mind. I had violent thoughts and violent lucid dreams about harming myself and other people, thoughts and impulses which I never experienced prior to taking the SSRI Seroxat. Is that not evidence enough that it must have been the drugs causing these reactions? Why do GP’s and psychiatrists deny peoples actual experiences? Why do they say these drugs don’t cause these reactions, when many many patients are 100 % sure that they do?

Well , one possible answer might lie in the fact that many of those whom prescribe these anti-depressants also have a vested interest in disguising the facts about them. GP’s and psychaitrists know that these drugs are harming people so why do they continue to deny the truth, the side effects and the facts that patients have been screaming about for over a decade now? Basically it boils down to a culture of denial, both from the (massively powerful) pharmaceutical industry that makes them and the psychiatrists whose business depends on their promotion and the funding from the industry to keep their institution afloat. This culture of denial permeates down into the average GP’s office. This culture of denial pierces right through the core of medicine itself. The GP prescribes drugs on the recommendations set down by various psychiatric associations. The psychiatric associations are all strongly linked to drug companies and the psychiatric industry has a monopoly on mental health. It is because the word of psychiatry is trusted by the G.P.s that they prescribe the drugs on the basis of psychiatric diagnoses, set down in the diagnostic manual (DSM) by psychiatrists (funded by the pharmaceutical industry).

Quite simply, mental health makes billions for psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry. The fact that these drugs can and do cause suicide, homicide, addiction, dependence, birth defects and a whole range of misery upon one of the most vulnerable people in society (the mentally and emotionally ill) is not relevant to the share holders of pharmaceutical companies.  There is a culture of denial because there is too much at stake for the facts to be validated and for the truth to be given its just credence. So what happens when someone flips out on an SSRI and attacks others and ends their own life? Well, out come the spin doctors. The psychiatric associations immediately go on the defensive, why? Because it is not in their interest to tell the truth about these drugs, it is that simple. It’s business, sad, but that’s the truth of it. Psychiatry in Ireland is just as corrupt as in every other country where it has slithered its insidious tentacles, preying on the most vulnerable and basic of human emotions – despair.

Taking the Irish psychiatric pharmaceutical complex as just one example of just how hideously unethical, sinister and dangerous this faustian pact is, one only has to ‘google’  the name of any psychiatrist , coupled with any major drug company, to check their credentials. It’s really quite remarkable, those whom defend SSRI’s and antipsychotics almost always have been either a speaker for a pharmaceutical company or on its advisory board, or maybe they recieved funding for their research, basically they are financially tied. So, does this automatically mean they are biased? In that, the reason they defend the drugs and deny the facts and patients voices and concerns is because it is not in their interest to let the truth be known? I will leave that for the individual to answer.

I will provide the information (freely available on the internet) and let the reader make up their own minds about what is going on here…

More on this post later..

But in the meantime.. this is for the corrupt sociopathic psychiatrists and drug company executives who view this blog regularly ( I know because I have web stats) ..

It’s a new film called “Numb” , and its about one mans struggle to come off Paxil (Seroxat) ..

For those of you that don’t know, Paxil/Seroxat is one of the most controversial medications since thalidomide … Google it and see..