Searching for Seroxat Information : Interesting And Revealing

I thought it might be interesting to put together an example of the kind of word/phrase searches that people use on the internet and thus stumble upon this blog. The great thing about blogs is that you can see where your views come from, the links from other websites, the most popular posts, links and hits etc. You can also see what words, questions or phrases people use that bring them to your blog through various search engines (Google etc). The following is an example of searches people have used in the last week or so and therefore came upon the information on my blog :

Can seroxat cause anxiety?”


“seroxat first few days”


“srri violence”


“break paxil in half and swallow 1 half”


“Seroxat overdose”


“Seroxat Warning”


“hansard myodil coverup”


“Paternal Seroxat use and Fetal Malformations”


“ssri Time off work”


“did GSK say that Seroxat was not addictive”


“seroxat withdrawal years after stopping”


“scandal gsk seroxat”


“seroxat banned”


“seroxat termination side effects”


“breastfeeding and Seroxat”


“glaxo smith kline seroxat

“paroxetine seroxat sufferers”

“sicko glaxo gsk”

“mom upset by gsk ad”

“myodil gsk”

“seroxat 30 mg”

“sue seroxat makers”

“bad effects from seroxat”

“withdrawn medication gsk depression”

seroxat and contraception”

“seroxat side effects”

“can epilim kill a fetus”

“seroxat ban website”

“seroxat gsk”

“thalidomide pill”

“mhra ceo”

“does seroxat cause mood swings,agitation”

“seroxat side effect on eyes”

“when was seroxat produced?”

The searches above are but a small fraction of the type of phrases and word searches people have used and thus found the information on my blog. I am very proud that after over three years of blogging, finally the information about Seroxat is easily accessible, for that was the intention for the creation of this blog in the first place. The internet is an amazing vehicle and instrument for people to get access to information at the touch of their finger tips, but what is even more remarkable is that people like me will never see the positive impact we have on others who are lost in a Seroxat Hell, although I am pretty sure, blogs such as this have saved lives, how many I will never know. I can only hope that this information provided here will have, at least partly validated their experience as real and as true, because one thing is for sure, a drug company will never give that!..

Two other Seroxat blogs who have no doubt saved more lives than me and also created more of an impact in regards to creating awareness and easy access to information about the dangers of Seroxat are “Seroxat Secrets” and “Seroxat Sufferers”. In my opinion, the individual creators of these blogs deserve the highest of regard and respect from those not just in the blogging community and mental health arena, but also from the wider public at large. These bloggers are unsung heroes, Well done guys! I salute you! 🙂