SSRI’s : Dying For A Cure

Rebekah Beddoe is a 30 something Australian woman who has written a fascinating account of her horrific experiences with SSRI drugs, Psychiatric medication and her awful experiences with psychiatry. Her book is called “Dying for a Cure” and is recommended reading for anyone who wishes to know the raw human story of how people get lured into a spiral of psychiatric drug addiction and misdiagnosis. The incompetence and ignorance of the medical community when it comes to the problems that SSRI drugs and the psychiatric profession can cause is truly astounding, but also it’s all too often way too common an occurrence.

I myself can relate to Rebekah’s story, check out this link to an interview with Rebekah on ABC News Australia.

This is Rebekahs Website with information about her story and book :

I notice there is also a detailed piece in the Independent UK from Rebekah’s book :

It’s well worth a read :


The Seroxat/Paxil Online Petition Tips Over The 10,000 Mark

I would like to bring attention to an online petition regarding Seroxat/Paxil .

This petition now has over 10,000 signatures from people residing all over the world.

These are the voices and comments of 10,000 people suffering from Paxil/Seroxat side effects and withdrawal.

These people are signing this petition because they believe that Seroxat/Paxil/Aropax is a highly dangerous drug and I have to say I wholeheartedly agree.

These people and their suffering demands to be addressed and needs to be highlighted.

If 10,000 people have actively bothered signing an online petition about the dangers of Seroxat, then how many people are there out there suffering from the dangerous and debilitating side effects that this drug induces?

Could we multiply that number by 10? Could we multiply that number by 100? Could we multiply that number by 1000? If we were to take the lowest reasonable average and multiply that number by 10, we have a potential of 100,000 people suffering side effects such as Seroxat induced suicidal thoughts, aggression, akathisia and self harm . 100,000 people in danger from a defective drug… quite shocking don’t you think?

Well, even more shocking is the fact that this horrible drug is still being prescribed.

How many lives have to be destroyed, blighted and ruined from a defective and deadly drug before that substance is pulled from the market?

When will something be done ?