Parallels : Myodil & Seroxat

The Scandalous story of Glaxo’s “Myodil” is eerily similar to the “Seroxat” Scandal…

Thousands of people harmed and maimed by a toxic GSK chemical..

Decades of denial ..

Then finally the truth emerges… 

Notice a pattern of behavior here ?..


Myodil Adhesive Arachnoiditis is a chronic condition of the spinal cord. Myodil injected into the spinal cord was used to show if there were any problems in the tissue surrounding the spinal cord or the discs between the vertebrae. Myodil was a toxic dye and caused Adhesive Arachnoiditis. A condition that affects many hundreds of thousands through out the World today.

Myodil, also known as Pantopaque in America, had been in use since approximately 1945. Myodil became the medium of choice for use as a diagnostic procedure known as a myleogram. In 1985 Myodil was subject to a court case against GlaxSmithKline, unfortunately this case was settled out of court and no other legal action could then be taken against the makers of Myodil. This left the remaining people who had been injected with Myodil with no means to take further legal action. It is possible that if the Myodil Court Action, conducted by Alexander Harris Solicitors, hadn’t been settled out of Court the sufferers of Myodil Adhesive Arachnoiditis would be still be able to claim damages for the harm caused by Myodil.

Myodil is still in use in other Countries around the World and therefore Myodil will still be the cause of more suffering. The makers of Myodil have now taken Myodil off the market in the UK, however, Myodil is still the cause of chronic pain and the makers of Myodil should, at the very least, make public the testing that Myodil had to undergo to gain a Product Licence. TheGlaxo Myodil Legacy will not just simply disappear as much as the makers of Myodil would wish it.