Seroxat News : April 09


Bob Fiddaman of the brilliant “Seroxat Sufferers” Blog has some hard-hitting new posts on the Antics of GSK and the Seroxat Scandal. As usual, GSK seems to be up to its dirty tricks again. Bob updates his blog almost everyday, without fail and I have to say I have never seen such tireless work for a mental health campaigner. Bob is truly an unsung hero to those who have been damaged from psychiatric drugs and the deeds of dodgy pharmaceutical companies. Check out these recent Posts by Bob on Seroxat Sufferers.

Another Excellent blog about Seroxat is the brilliantly informative and excellently researched “Seroxat Secrets” Blog. A recent post about Seroxat and alcohol makes another damning case against the effectiveness of this hellish drug.



  1. Stephany

    I agree, tirelessly working, Fid amazes me how constant his work is, and truly is an unsung hero! (your blog is without a doubt in the same category)


    Thanks mate.

    People ask me about other Seroxat sites, I always point them to this one for some great references. I’ve told you this before… and where’s the AHOY Award I gave you!

    Keep up the good work brother.


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