A Brief Introduction (Seroxat : The Mental Health Thalidomide)


This blog has been set up in order to bring attention to people who have been horrifically affected by the anti-depressant medication SSRI-Seroxat. SSRI’s are a “class” of drugs used primarily to treat depression and other so called “psychiatric disorders”. Seroxat has been the most controversial drug in this class of drugs and possibly of the past decade. While of course the terrible side effects and withdrawals from seroxat have been well documented in all mediums for some years now, the manufacturors of Seroxat, GSK, have not been . While researching Seroxat through forums on the internet, it was discovered that Seroxat is not the first drug or product made by GSK to have caused harm. This site aims to provide readers with portals to documents , links and research which might help them piece together the puzzles of the Seroxat scandal so that they themselves can come to their own conclusions .

Note : This blog is in no way associated with scientology or anti-psychiatry organizations. It is written by a lay person and has no agenda other than to bring awareness and promote free and easy access to information about Seroxat/Paxil – Often the pharmaceutical industry and psychiatry like to dismiss and discredit blogs and information on the internet by labeling as “anti-psychiatry” or “scientology” affiliated. Most of the blogs (such as this one) -that I am aware of -are written by ordinary people who just want to highlight information and bring it to public consciousness. That is the purpose of this blog. It is an information sharing portal. Seroxat has damaged and affected many peoples lives, I think it is important to draw attention to the dangers of this drug, as I was on this drug and I think it is seriously dangerous and people should  be warned, because I wasn’t.

As a side note- It is deeply ironic for a pseudo-belief system such as psychiatry to discredit a pseudo- religion such as scientology. It is also ironic for psychiatry to accuse “anti-psychiatry” individuals of  “fear mongering”.  Psychiatry is rife with conflicts of interest and bias because of its entanglement with the pharmaceutical industry, both serve each others agenda, usually this is a monetary arrangement. Psychiatry also perpetuates the fraudulent biological mental illness paradigm which is based on feeding off peoples fears about themselves and the world around them.  Psychiatry has done more damage to the reality of mental suffering than anyone else. 

The only people who can really be trusted are lay people (such as the author of this blog) who are trying to bring awareness of the dangers of SSRI’s meds, those who have taken the drugs like Seroxat know what its like. It is us who have been through the system, it is us whom have been damaged by the system and the drugs it promotes, it is our minds and bodies that have been poisoned , it is we who were naive enough to entrust ourselves to this system ,but it is also we whom dare to voice the truth about this corrupt psych-pharmaceutical complex.



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